• Macrobiotic Diet

    The Macrobiotic diet is great for people who want to try something different and have already tried similar diets such as the Vegetarian diet. The Macrobiotic diet was created to provide people with eating guidelines that will help them stay in touch with nature while improving the quality of their health. It was not designed […]

  • Vegan Diet

    The Vegan diet is often confused with the vegetarian diet. It is easy to confuse the two diets because they have extremely similar names. However, both diets are quite different from each other. The Vegan diet is categorized as a balanced diet and focuses on food products that are rich in fiber. It was designed […]

  • South Beach Diet

    The South Beach diet is low-carb type of diet that was designed specifically for weight loss and heart health. The company behind South Beach claims that most people will lose in between 8 and 16 pounds within the first few weeks of following this diet. The results vary depending on how strictly you follow the […]

  • The Engine 2 Diet

    The Engine 2 diet is a complete lifestyle changer. It was designed to help people lose weight and develop proper eating habits in order to develop healthier bodies. This diet will help you become the type of person you always dreamed of becoming. Not only does it help you lose weight but it also helps […]

  • Flat Belly Diet

    The name of this diet is a dead giveaway. It was designed specifically for people who want to improve the appearance of their abs by either gaining muscle, losing fat, or both. The diet was specifically created to help facilitate the growth of abdominal muscles. One of the best things about this diet are the […]

  • Nutrisystem Diet

    The Nutrisystem diet was designed to help people lose weight. Don’t expect to lose weight overnight. The diet was designed to help you lose weight slowly over a period of time. There are two main reasons why the Nutrisystem diet is highly recommended. For one, it is not just a diet, it is a large […]