Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies

Easy alternatives for nutrients and a variety of other health benefits in Shalom Lamm’s household are found in the fruit smoothies he shares with his family. Lamm enjoys the multiple flavors he has learned to create, which makes it easy to also make healthy smoothies his kids will enjoy still sneaking in added vegetables. Mixing in fresh fruits he and his family find in the local market keep the variety going.

Almost any fruit mix can be used to create a delicious smoothie. Lamm tries to always add blueberries – as they have been proven to improve memory and improve brain functions, showing a reduction in Alzheimer’s. Another beneficial add can be cherry. Cherry juice is known to reduce inflammation and joint pain, particularly with gout or arthritis. This tart juice can help stabilize the many other sweet fruits.

Fruit smoothies can supply fast and efficient energy that can last throughout the day while getting in his daily dose of vitamins. Lamm also enjoys the added metabolism boost he can quickly add by throwing in some spicy ingredients like cayenne. Studies have shown that roughly 10 more calories were burned when spice was added to the meal or smoothie.

Cravings are cut drastically while he indulges in a refreshing smoothie as they keep carb cravings at bay, fill you up and provide sustenance for each meal of the day. Since he has begun supplementing his meals with fruit smoothies, He has found that he doesn’t reach for that 2pm snack and doesn’t feel the dreaded afternoon lull. He can maintain a healthy pace throughout the day since his energy is more stable.

To add an easy boost of protein, Lamm adds almond butter or hemp seeds to his favorite refreshing brew. Another add is Greek yogurt. This great protein pumper will also help calcium levels. As most Greek yogurts have almost 10 percent of the daily allowance. It also is another easy way to fill up quickly.

Yet another added health advantage is adding bananas. When Lamm uses bananas in his fruit smoothie concoctions, he is adding rich potassium. Eating foods rich in potassium have been proven to lower blood pressure up to 10 percent. Apricots, oranges and honeydew also are potassium rich and can provide the same benefits.

When he feels he or his family is in need of a detox, he has countless recipes to serve up. Ingredients like kale and spinach can provide the cleansing needed, but foods such as beets, coconut water, and green apples also have high vitamins potency. Detoxing is a way many individuals can feel renewed and ready to start a new workout program or even just begin a new way to think of food.

Since Shalom Lamm has begun his smoothie journey, he has seen and felt the differences in his energy levels, his digestion and overall appetite for life. Sharing his passion for fruit smoothies has also enabled his family to see a healthier path and better way of living.