Health Marketing: Running a Modern Orthodontic Practice.

After four years of studying at a university to obtain a bachelor’s degree, an additional four years in dental school, and then a two- to three-year orthodontic residency following that, many new orthodontists come out of the gates of school running. Exasperated by decades of education and hungering for the end goal of steady patient care, the task of marketing themselves is a commonly overlooked hurdle in the startup of a new orthodontic practice. The conundrum of building a quality base of patients can seem like a catch-22 to new orthodontists: they are just starting out in their field and need experience, yet no patients are coming forward for treatment solely due to this inexperience.

Modern Health Marketing Methods

Taking out an advertisement in the phone book is a practice being slowly rendered more and more obsolete as time wears on. The same can be said of the local newspaper, as the analog memories of yesteryear are fading away and being replaced by a flashy, digital domain. The world as we know it is pixelated, it exists in our pockets, and it has the capability to rocket information across the world in seconds. Growing a small business with a necessary community service such as orthodontic care in this digital day and age should, in theory, be simpler than ever.

Help with Orthodontic Marketing and Company Expansion

And yet, it isn’t. When the workday of an average orthodontist is dissected, one can tell that the most important part of the day is spent, undoubtedly, seeing patients and providing quality care: the cornerstones of why talented orthodontists seek out this career path in the first place. Those running a family care orthodontic practice want to funnel their time in a direction where it really matters: with patients in their office chairs. Unfortunately, after ten or eleven years of schooling in their specific field, many orthodontists are at a loss to market themselves; feeling as though their curricula left out a crucial step in the process of learning how to effectively manage their practices. can help solve this problem. We have a team of accomplished and dedicated professionals who offer a wide span of business services to help an orthodontic practice grow and thrive. When a practice seeks our services, we ensure the delivery of a quality marketing campaign designed to target the maximum level of potential new patients. This, in turn, boosts revenues for the client. Our qualified marketing team is trained and well-versed on the subject of orthodontic marketing and can craft a plan to help bolster business for any level of orthodontic practice, whether large or small.

By utilizing the marketing team at OrthoSynetics, an orthodontist can rest assured that his or her business is being represented in a dynamic way designed to maximize the top methods of exposure to prospective patients. From community outreach to key social media implementation, marketing an up-and-coming orthodontic practice can become a stress-free experience, if put in the right hands. As a result, new orthodontists can continue to focus on the aspect of their jobs which is the most important: caring for patients.

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