Healthy Options Your Office Can Provide Without Breaking the Bank

There is a major health movement worldwide, and it’s something that every business can take advantage of. Happy employees are more productive employees and they contribute to the success of your business. The more you offer to your employees, within the office space and in what they can get out of the company, the more the happiness and confidence in the workplace are boosted, whether it is snacks or a small gym area, it all counts. That’s why renting or buying a fully equipped office space in DC can help cover all of these necessities at a reasonable price while giving you and your employees all the basic furniture and equipment to work and function properly. Being able to offer your team everything that they may need in terms of nourishment and appealing decor can be the thing that would make everyone more inspired and productive than ever before.

If they know that you care about them they work harder. It’s very simple. Providing healthy options at work is something that they will love and the return you will see will far outweigh the little cost associated with it.

Not every business has the budget to participate fully, but there are certainly some suggestions here that you can implement or at least dabble in, which is a very simple way to help build company morale. Give them a try.

Water cooler or filtration system.

They say all of the good office gossip happens at the water cooler, right? This is a very old saying, but it’s something to consider. Take a look at your office and see how many soda cans are sitting around. That stuff is the worst beverage to drink, as it’s loaded with sugar and chemicals.

“Drinking water instead of sugary drinks and ones filled with artificial flavors and chemicals is what everyone should be doing, but they don’t,” says Loren Taylor of Soothing Company. “Why? Convenience. A soda machine or grabbing a soda at the convenience store is just too easy.”

So, make it easy for your employees to fill up on water. You can subscribe to a local water delivery service, or if you really want to eliminate costs, buy a filtration system for the office. This shows that you actually care and will be well received.

Healthy ‘snack’ rack.

Offering snacks is something that a lot of offices do, but they usually fill their snack area with pastries and donuts. Why? Well it seems like that has just always been the standard practice and something that many companies just naturally do.

“Donuts are horrible for you,” offers Pat Skinner of “They are filled with sugars and fats and they are 300 to 600 calories each. When there are dozens of donuts just sitting there many employees will grab a couple and then a couple more. The standard daily calories can be consumed just in donuts.”

They are a major contributor when it comes to weight gain and unhealthy traits. Instead, put out some healthy options.

Weekly catered health-themed meals.

What is the easiest way to make your employees happy? Feed them! This logic applies to every single company. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are located. Your employees will work harder and perform better if they know they are being fed.

You don’t have to lay out a luxurious spread either. It’s just the fact that you are feeding them that is key. So, take this as a chance to increase your company’s productivity and have some healthy options catered.

“Taco bars, fun plant-based meals and unique and different healthy options are a good way to create excitement, keep your team happy and show them that you are actively trying to promote a healthy office environment,” suggests Irene McConnell of Arielle Executive.

Organic coffee bar.

No office can survive without coffee. Show me an office without a commercial grade coffee setup or at the very least a K-Cup machine for instant single servings of caffeine. Organic coffee has become very popular, and the cost isn’t any more than regular coffee if you buy it in bulk.

“Having a nice coffee setup also helps kick-start your employees,” says Jeannie Hill of answer engine optimization agency Hill Web Marketing. “Giving them access to caffeine every day only leads to improved alertness and output. Think of coffee like the gasoline that powers your entire company.”

You need to offer it. They need to drink it. So, why not take the opportunity to offer it as a healthy option.

Fresh fruit and yogurt every morning.

Say no to donuts and yes to fruit. While it’s very hard to pass on donuts that is exactly why you should offer fruit and yogurt instead. Show me one person that can walk past a table of donuts and not grab at least one.

I will wait.

Still waiting.

Ok, so it’s official. It’s impossible to pass on donuts, so don’t put that type of pressure on your employees. Don’t test their willpower. “A lot of employees have it pre-programmed in their mind that donuts are a standard quick breakfast for the office,” says the founder of P101 Pest Control, a fixed-rate pest control company. “Instead, lay out a spread of apples, bananas, berries, and yogurt. Donuts aren’t exactly cheap, so the cost isn’t a huge increase.” You may spend a few more dollars, but it’s a wise investment. Providing these healthy foods are such a huge part of promoting a healthy diet. Your team will be very thankful that you care.

Protein powder and bars.

Everyone is on a gym kick these days, and that means everyone is consuming protein in one form or another. So, why not provide it at the office? This is a perk many will really appreciate.

“You can make a few tubs of protein powder available for everyone or just layout some protein bars,” says Darryl Howard of website Blogger Tips, a blogging for beginners resource. “While healthy, they are also a source of clean energy. A candy bar will give a slight energy boost, but that is followed by a crash.”

You don’t want your employees eating candy bars, as their productivity will come crashing down. Give them protein for their energy and you will prevent that crash, which benefits your overall output as a company.

The protein world is rapidly changing, from new CBD lines and interest from industry leaders like this company, to more of a focus on vegan-friendly products. Take a poll within your office to see what your employees want. Something as simple as providing them their favorite choices rather than guessing what they like can go a long way in helping to build a more solid team.