How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Lose Weight While Working Long Hours

Do you want to lose weight? Of course you do — everyone does. Have you tried to lose weight in the past but didn’t get the results you wanted? Most have.

So, how does a busy entrepreneur or business owner see results when they work such long hours? There are several little things (some of which involve an acupressure mat) you can do daily that all add up to big results. The key is being consistent and staying dedicated.

Try to implement as many of these tips as possible. When you combine them all the results can be exactly what you have always wanted: shredding unwanted pounds.

Avoid binge eating by having several small meals throughout the day.

The worst thing you can do is starve yourself all day long by skipping meals and then binge eating late at night. Your body will go into survival mode and stop burning fat because it assumes it will not be fed and stores it for future energy.

Then, when you binge late, your body just converts that into stored energy. This is the fastest way to gain a lot of unhealthy weight. “The better option is to eat several small meals throughout the day,” says Therapy Blanket founder Andrew Tran. “Always make time for it. Even just a baggie with some cut up fruit and some nuts that you can eat while you work.”

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Never say you don’t have time to eat. You can have a protein shake or a protein bar also. There are lots of healthy convenient options to ensure you don’t skip a meal.

Use meal replacement shakes when you are starving.

When your body is hungry you need to feed it. Avoiding eating because you are busy only leads to the body storing more fat. You may not have time to sit down and eat a full meal or heat up a prepped meal, but you surely have 15 seconds to mix a protein shake or 2 seconds to open the wrapper on a protein bar.

“You have to make it a point to constantly fuel your body throughout the day,” advises Tad Thomas, personal injury lawyer and partner at Thomas Law Offices. “Many experts will say that 5 to 6 smaller healthier meals are the best option.” This allows you to always be fueled and it also keeps your metabolism cranking throughout the day, which leads to burning away unwanted fat.

Replace all soda with water.

“Drinking soda every day will lead to increased weight,” suggests Oliver James of Perth Web Design. “Simply eliminating soda from your diet is also the easiest way to lose a noticeable amount of weight, even if you are not working out at the gym.”

The easiest way to lose weight is to give up soda and replace it with water. Not sugary ‘sports drinks’ or sugary ‘fruit’ juice — water. There are plenty of all natural calorie-free flavoring if you can’t stomach the taste of plain water all day.

Do this for 30-days and watch how much your body changes and your skin improves. You will never touch soda again after you see the benefits.

Stop eating at 7pm every day.

Eating late at night when your body is slowing down is bad, especially right before sleep. A lot of experts are now saying that your body should not eat after 6 or 7 at night, and if you go into a state of fasting.

Let’s just assume you stop eating at 7pm and you wake up at 7am and have a healthy breakfast. That gives your body a 12-hour period to ‘fast’ and the results can be amazing. Do this for 30-days and watch what happens. Now, combine this with only drinking water for the full 30-days and watch how body fat melts away.

There is no secret to weight loss. It’s all about consistency. You have to be very dedicated. You will often sleep better when you don’t eat late, as well. “Avoiding late meals allows your digestive system to work prior to going to sleep. A combination of a well-balanced diet, capping off your last meal early and a quality bed with a firm IKEA mattress all plays are role,” says Chris Moberg of Slumber Search. “Late night meals can keep you up, which throws everything off.”

Give up donuts and chips.

Busy entrepreneurs and business owners are always rushed and will often reach for the easy snacks when hungry. Donuts in the morning. A bag of chips at lunch. All of these bad choices throughout the week impact your weight in a negative way.

“The easiest solution is to substitute,” says Pedro Del Nero of Vaporizer Vendor. “Instead of donuts, have a protein bar. Instead of chimp, have some fruit or veggies. They say it takes 30-days to break a habit, and if you commit to making this little change the results can be amazing.”

The biggest mistake a lot of people make is thinking they need to stop eating. That is the worst thing you can do. Don’t starve yourself. Just eat better options. You can eat raw veggies all day long. Carrot sticks. Celery sticks. Knock yourself out.

Use the gym as a way to break up the day.

Sometimes the best way to break up the long work day is by going to the gym. It’s healthy to get away from work and it’s also a great way to reduce stress. An intense cardio session or lifting heavy weights can help get your mind off of work.

If you are consistent with this you will see great results. Even if you only have a short period of time you just need to do it. Again, consistency will pay off.

“It doesn’t matter if you only have 30 minutes – doing a half-hour of cardio every day for 30-days will produce noticeable results,” says April Gillmor of “Then when you add in other actionable items you start to see the results snowball in front of you.”