Help Quit Smoking in Style V2 Cigs Review – Series 7

A few friends had told me about the V2 Pro Series 7 model but I’d always been happy with my prefilled e cig. Now I’ve got a bit more understanding of how an e cigarette works, I was ready to get something a bit more challenging.

The 3-in-1 vaporiser is great as it lets you vape e-liquid, wax and loose-leaf dry herb using just one pen. I ordered the Series 7 in blue and it looks really slick. The package I bought was good value as I got the vape pen, an e-liquid and a loose-leaf cartridge, a magnetic charger and a wall adapter.

One of the great things about the vape pen was how it arrived. The packaging was really sleek and I liked how the e cig and all the accessories could be neatly stashed away inside the box.

The design of the Series 7 is definitely what attracted me to choose this particular vape pen. It looks sleek and you can tell it’s been produced to a high quality – definitely something to show off. It’s not as small as my usual e cig but it’s pretty compact considering the powerful heating settings it has. Ergonomically, it’s a great design as it’s an oval shape and so it fits really well into my hand. The vape button is flush to the pen, so there’s no fears about it going off in my pocket or my handbag.

Another thing I like is that the cartridges are easily interchangeable thanks to V2’s clever magnetic technology, which means swapping from e-liquid to loose leaf is quick and simple.

I decided to go for the Series 7 as my friends recommended it, having upgraded from the Series 3 – one of the best e cigs for beginners. They liked the fact that there are three lights on the pen which are indicators for the temperature, plus the battery output voltage goes up to 4.7V.

Along with my starter pack, I also bought some E Liquid from V2. As I enjoy smoking normal cigarettes, I couldn’t decide which flavours to go for, so I got a V2 Platinum e liquid sample pack.  So far, I’ve tried the V2 red tobacco flavour and I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed as it gives me the same satisfaction I get from normal cigarettes. The e liquids come in a range of nicotine strengths which is also a plus point if you’re trying to quit.

Who are V2?

I didn’t know you could get e cigs online, so I was really pleased when my vape pen arrived in just two days. I expected to call a US-based customer helpline if I had any problems, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that V2 have a UK customer service team – and they’re only in Peterborough – so the shipping time was minimal.

Luckily though, I didn’t have any problems with my Series 7 but I’m confident that the UK customer service team could help me out as the reviews I’ve read are excellent. It’s always best to read the manual if you aren’t sure how an e cigarette works, but the V2 team can help with any questions.

Overall, I reckon the Series 7 is one of the best e cigs online for its price as I got everything for under £200.  If you’d like to order the Series 7, or need to know more about this model, get in touch with V2 via their website and check out their products.