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How a keto diet benefits your overall health

MedicalNews Today defines the keto diet as an eating plan that promotes high fat, low carbohydrate meals with ample protein sources. The effectiveness of this particular diet plan is based on achieving a state of ketosis from eliminating your sugar reserves so the body burns fat.

Few diets have earned the considerable hype that the keto diet has garnered. In a world of complicated diet plans, the keto diet is distinguished as a low carb diet believed to contribute to weight loss and other health benefits.

Below are a few of the benefits you can expect from following a keto diet.

1. Promotes weight loss and curbs your appetite

Healthline attributes much of the success of the keto diet to its ability to curb hunger pangs. There is little doubt that many other diets fail because dieters are miserable and feel starved. Studies show that the keto diet is more effective for weight loss than other diets, especially in the first couple of weeks.

2. Improves insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

U.S. News & World Reports touts studies that document lower HBAIC which translates to improved blood sugar readings. Many doctors are recommending the keto diet as a practical way to prevent Type 2 diabetes. While some doctors view the Keto Diet as only part of the solution in the search for ways to beat Type 2 diabetes, it is hard to ignore the positive test results that provide some hope in this battle that millions of patients are forced to fight daily.

3. Promotes better brain function

Studies support the claim that keto diets benefit brain function. Initially in 2012, the ketogenic diet was found to improve brain function in children suffering from epilepsy. Additionally, Cognitive FX reports benefits of this diet afforded to patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and traumatic injuries of the brain.

4. Stabilizes mood in people struggling with bipolar disorder

NCBI reports promising study results that indicate the keto diet has positive effects on people suffering from bipolar disorder. Comparatively, ketogenic diet results were found to stabilize mood in 85.5% of the patients, offering the best results of all diets tested.

5. Provides heart health benefits

Like most diets, some keto dieters eat a healthy version of this diet while others favor less healthy food choices. People following this diet who eat healthy fats such avocados and eggs instead of pork rinds, for example, can improve cholesterol levels. Since high cholesterol levels are linked to heart disease, any diet that lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol will promote heart health.

6. May improve blood pressure and prevent serious health problems

High blood pressure is a significant health concern for many people. High blood pressure readings contribute to a higher risk for heart disease, kidney failure and strokes. For this reason, the keto diet’s positive impact on blood pressure represents an important step forward in improving health and preventing serious and often preventable emergencies.

7. May prevent or treat certain types of cancer

Insulin is believed to contribute to the growth of cancer cells. Accordingly, a diet like the ketogenic eating plan that lowers blood sugar levels has a positive impact on cancer cells. MedicalNews Today reports that many doctors recommend the keto diet as a positive diet plan that can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments to improve or prevent cancer growth.

8. May improve polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Everyday Health reports that many doctors recommend the Keto diet to women suffering from PCOS since so many women suffering from this problem also struggle with obesity and diabetes.

The Takeaway

There is substantial positive evidence that the keto diet can be used to improve health. This popular trend is likely to continue as one of the best options available.