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How Baking can Relieve Stress

Believe it or not, taking out your frustrations on a batch of cookies isn’t always the worst idea. Many have used baking as an outlet for stress and worries because it helps the mind focus on something else. When the world is on lockdown, the best way to adapt is to try new things from the comfort of your home. So many new cooking, baking, and culinary shows are now airing on video platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. Many people, such a Rachel Harow, are using Pinterest to collect ideas about cooking and baking. With the kids at home, a lot more of us are using the stove instead of ordering takeout. This helps in a multitude of ways. Not only does cooking at home saves money, but it allows for families to bond on more creative levels. 

Baking surprisingly burns calories. As a person bakes, they are standing, walking around, and mixing ingredients which a physical distraction from a busy mind. Focusing on getting the recipe correct take more thought then most people accredit. It’s understandable that some professional chefs have to have an insanely specific focus in order to achieve their desired results. So, we regular folk should try using baking as a distraction as well. 

Some of the best recipes to follow are ones that are simple but could use some reinvention. Don’t try to make creme brulee as you first distraction desert because the likelihood that you’ll step foot into the kitchen again is low. Try something as simple as chocolate chip cookie, banana bread, or even at home peanut butter cups. That way, the kitchen isn’t going to be a full-on disaster at the end of the night, which might just add to the stress. As the youth of the world grow during a globe pandemic, it’s important to give them a culturally diverse array of flavors. As important as chocolate chip cookies are to some, once your comfort in the kitchen grows, introduce them to a new variety of foods. People have created some of the most magnificent food by accident. Many well-known chefs have developed art in their kitchen because of a stressful day. If you think about it, every recipe that we all know and love was curated by an accident. Each ingredient has a story, to people like Rachel Harow. It’s important to look at the positives of each day and incorporate that into any dish made. If you are feeling adventurous, try to create your own recipes. Call it “The Stress Book” or “Mixing is Fixing”. Something that is authentic to the person and speaks volumes about the importance of having a positive attitude. Grab a spoon and start mixing in ingredients that may not have normally fit together. There are no rules with baking and cooking. It’s all about the individual and how the individual grows after they relieved some stress in the kitchen.