How Can You Avoid Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking?

Question – I recently quit smoking and I have noticed that I am gaining some weight.  This is becoming a bother to me. Can someone help me about how to avoid adding weight?

Answer – Majority of smokers have the fear that they will add more weight if they quit smoking. Some makes it the reason why don’t intend to quit. Scott McIntosh, PhD, associate professor of community and preventive medicine at University of Rochester in New York says that not every one who quit smoking gains weight. He adds that those who do usually add up a little weight of about 6 to 10 pounds. Many researches show that smoking is one reason why some people are unhealthily slim and that adding weight in some cases is healthy.

How Smoking Affects Metabolism?

Nicotine contained in tobacco enhances body’s metabolism and increases the amount of calories it burns.  Once you smoke, your heart rate increases and this has been linked with heart disease among smokers. Immediately you kick off the habit, your metabolic rates return to normal. Why the extra weight then? If you continue to consume the same amount of calories you were accustomed before quitting, you will definitely add some pounds.

Observe Your Diet

When you quit smoking, the craving you develop is not only for nicotine but having something in your mouth. Majority of ex-smokers resorts to junk foods, to quench their thirst for “oral gratification.” This is recommendable if it’s an aid tool in quitting. But you should consider meals with low or nil calorie contents to avoid adding more weight. Try sugarless gums, carrot sticks, or celery. Research shows that ex-smokers are more susceptible to artificially sweetened foods. Brush your teeth frequently to reduce the craving for oral gratification.

Say No to Crash Diets

Be selective when it comes to food. Concentrate on highly nutritious meals with minimum levels of calories. Steven Schroeder, MD, director of the Smoking Cessation and Leadership Center at San Francisco University says that it is difficult to quit smoking without developing the craving for extreme dieting. It’s therefore important to observe some discipline when it comes to meals.

Weight Loss Plan

You are subject to adding some weight once you quit. You will need to resolve to do anything at your scope to keep your weight at check.  However don’t stay so much committed to your weight gain concerns.  McIntosh says that it is important to be weary that you will add some weight once you quit smoking. He adds that you should not be too tough on yourself.

Don’t Stay Idle

Idleness can make you sail back to smoking or constantly reach out at the fridge for something to put in your mouth. Try walking, gardening, or domestic chores. Remember you will still be burning some calories as well. Volunteer in some community work, move to the library, watch a movie, or visit a friend. Schroeder says that it is quit easy for you to find some smoke free places lately.

Seek Physician’s Help

Your doctor will recommend some medicines to help you quit smoking and prevent weight gain. In a research conducted in 2009, antidepressant fluoxetine, anti-smoking drug buproprin, cognitive behavioral therapy, and nicotine replacement therapy assisted most quitters in limiting the amount of weight they gained. Speak with your doctor and find the best approach to put off adding extra weight.