How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives

To cover all of the ways that cell phones have changed our lives would take more than a few hundred words. It would take a few dissertations and a massive presentation to even begin scratching the surface of the impact that they have had on society.

Equally as amazing is the way that cell phone service providers have changed. We all know the big boys – Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T – and understand that they have had a stranglehold on the industry for a long time.

There are also alternative carriers to the “big four” cell phone providers out there like Mint Mobile that are providing a much more cost-effective alternative to those major providers. Check any Mint Mobile review and you’ll see a definitive answer to the question “is Mint Mobile good?” (Hint: it is.)

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Because of these alternative carriers, more and more people now have access to cell phones and all that they offer at a far more discounted rate. You don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone and plan anymore.

So, what are some things that have changed about cell phones that make them incredibly advantageous to own? Here are just a couple.

Control Your Finances

Now more than ever, it has become a snap to control every aspect of your finances. Before the implementation of smartphone apps, one would have to go to the bank to conduct any transactions, write a check to pay your bills, and so on.

But with smartphone apps, you can now pay your bills in a snap, check up on recent transactions or move money from one account to another, and even get involved in the stock market with greater ease than ever.

This makes it easier for us to keep track of our finances, our spending, and our investments on a minute to minute basis rather than having to take the time to seek out a financial institution.

Travel and Navigation

GPS came along just before cell phones but it was the implementation of those GPS systems into cell phones that really began changing the game. Before GPS, the best you could hope for was to print out directions online. Before that, it was old school maps or just figuring it on your own.

But with smartphones, you can get directions to any place you can think of in an instant. Never get lost again when you can pull up GPS apps in an instant, allowing you to navigate new places with the confidence of someone from the area.

Getting lost has become a pretty difficult endeavor thanks to smartphones and their built-in GPS systems, making exploring the world around us a far less scary proposition.