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How COVID-19 Has Affected the Yoga Industry

Yoga is a very classical and popular exercise for many people. It has helped those like Helen Lee Schifter with stress relief and staying fit. However, during COVID-19 many yoga studios had to shut down because they had no more business or because of the social distance mandate order. 

It seems that many major yoga corporations were able to stay afloat during the pandemic, so they made some adjustments to their classes. For example, a lot of yoga classes are now taught outside with a mask. That way, people can be over six feet apart and remain safe. In addition, having students get tested before coming into a studio is a must for some places. The pandemic really shook up the yoga business but online classes are another way people are staying peaceful and mindful. By having Yoga Zoom Courses, students can sign up and do yoga in their own safe place. Helen Lee Schifter recommends doing yoga outside in a group but also alone to help balance one’s mind. It’s important to support yoga studios and instructors during the pandemic, so attending a class instead of finding a free course is more preferred.