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  • unhappy young woman sitting beside the bed

    Can Yoga Improve Happiness?

    There are many benefits to doing yoga and staying fit. Wellness experts like Helen Schifter use their yoga practices to improve their happiness. There are so many different ways to become a happier person through yoga practices. Lots of people have stereotypes around these practices, but that’s usually because they’ve never tried it.  When a […]

  • Helen Lee Schifter: Do Yoga and Meditation Increase Prosperity?

    There have been thousands of debates about if yoga and meditation are really beneficial to people. Helen Lee Schifter is a wellness expert who enjoys practicing both of these exercises as a way to increase her prosperity. A lot of times, people associate the word “prosperity” with being rich or famous. Yet, in regards to […]

  • Best Yoga Pose for Stress Relief

    Yoga is a world-renowned practice that has helped so many individuals with stress relief. By working on a few positions that help with posture and other mechanisms, relaxation is bound to happen. Zen experts like Helen Lee Schifter practice yoga and mediation as a form of stress relief and to increase peace in their minds.  […]

  • 9 Ways Yoga Can Help Lower Your Stress

    In today’s busy world where so many are overwhelmed, people are seeking to find ways in which they can feel calmer and more relaxed and one technique that some are using is yoga. For many years now, yoga has proven to be a highly effective methodology for healing many ailments such as bad posture or […]

  • Chronic Pain

    Eight Ways of Relieving Chronic Pain

    Pain is part of our lives, whether we like it or not. We experience emotional, mental, and physical stresses throughout our lives, and we can’t hide from it. However, it may turn into long-lasting suffering.  Headaches or discomfort in the joints can be symptoms of deeper health issues. Before turning to prescription medicine, it would […]

  • Finding Peace In Detox: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

    Finding Peace In Detox: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

    For those trying to escape the grips of addiction, withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be a physically painful process – withdrawal can cause shaking, anxiety, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, and even seizures and hallucinations. And though these symptoms fade over the course of several days, the emotional symptoms can persist. Turning to mindfulness strategies, though, […]

  • Have Fun, Achieve Optimum Health And Live A Happier Life

    Health and fitness enthusiasts always work hard to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. On the contrary, there are many of us who are still struggling to achieve optimum health and physical fitness. Indeed, achieving these two could be a difficult endeavor to many people. Nowadays, however, there are various workout and fitness programs that […]