How Much Sugar is in Tonic Water?

Tonic water is generally good for health but tastes bitter. However, if you are worried about calorie or sugar intake, you need to have the facts straight. Nowadays, tonic water contains less quinine and more sugar. Moreover, some brands use artificial flavors to mask the bitter taste of quinine. However, the concentration changes based on the brand you use. In case you are wondering about the exact calorie content in tonic water and gin, read on.

Tonic Water Calorie Content

If you consume tonic water daily, you need to check your calorie intake. The main reason why tonic water contains lots of calories is that it has sweetener included in it, in large quantities. Some brands use corn syrup, while others use sugar or cane sugar to sweeten it. Generally, tonic water has as much sugar as a carbonated drink. However, when it comes to gin and tonic calories, the numbers are a bit different. If you choose Light or Slimline tonic, your calorie intake would be approximately 2.7g per 100 ml. Contrary to this, if you choose Indian tonics with full sugar, your calorie intake would be 11g per 100 ml. Generally, gin contains approximately 75 calories per 30 ml, so if you mix both, you should check your calorie intake. If you are looking for zero calorie alternatives, you can try out diet tonic or club soda based on your preference.

If you are planning to combine tonic water with any other alcoholic beverages, the calorific value increases to double. For example, with gin and tonic water, your calorie intake is approximately 200g per 100 ml. Therefore, if you are looking to reduce the waistline, it is better to mix diet tonic and gin or skip the gin in general.

Other Nutritional Facts of Tonic Water

Although tonic water contains sugar, it also has certain other nutrients. It contains quinine, which gives the water its bitter taste and helps prevent malaria. Additionally, it contains sodium. However, the quantity varies depending on the brand that you buy. With the diet version of tonic water, you are exposed to more sodium intake, but less sugar intake.

Health Benefits

As with everything, tonic waters come with various health benefits. For starters, the quinine content helps prevent malaria. It is also known to strengthen your immunity system. Tonic waters can also help in reducing leg cramps. However, the amount of quinine in your drink actually decides the result of that. Another advantage of tonic water is that it can be used as a stress reliever. However, drinking too often or mixing it with alcohol might reduce its effect and make a person prone to alcoholism.

Tonic water comes with immense health benefits and can add some flavor to your gin. If you are looking for health reasons, you can always use tonic water instead of mineral or carbonated water. While the taste might take some time getting used to, once you are comfortable with, and watch your calorie intake, you can consume tonic water without any issues.