How Much Time Should A Person Spend Outside A Day?

Depending on the individual, the average amount a person should spend outside is thirty minutes. That is the bare minimum and children should especially be playing outside more than that. Experts in health like Helen Lee Schifter believe that people are spending a lot less time outside due to technology and the addiction to social media. 

It’s great to enjoy the beautiful weather during the spring and summer months. Experts believe that although it’s nicer and more comfortable outside during the warmer weather, it’s just as important to go outdoors in the colder months. Even playing in the snow can have its benefits on the body.With the increased activity outdoors, one might start to feel less bloated and more fit. Bruins calories are not the only benefit of going outdoors. The purest oxygen found in forests and non-populated landscapes is amazing for brain development. Helen Lee Schifter enjoys meditating outside her Hampton estate and bird watching. There is so much nature has provided us with. It’s time to appreciate it and cherish its benefits.