How the Holistic Sanctuary redefined luxury drug rehabs

As America and the world is faced with the most severe addiction crisis mankind brought upon itself, The Holistic Sanctuary, founded and led by Johnny Tabaie, has set out to create what could be the most exclusive healing center in the world – with a combination of treatments that cannot be found anywhere in America or Europe.

Luxury drug rehabs redefined:

Could this be a new paradigm, the sort of experience the world has been missing out on? What makes this a revolutionary concept is that the founder carefully designed an experience that encompasses several key elements under one roof:

  1. It is the only facility in the world that uses the revolutionary proprietary Pouyan method, developed by Johnny Tabaie.
  2. The 5 star Baja California facility is a state of the art seafront resort, that offers a seafront gym and jacuzzi with on-site hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  3. It offers treatment experiences with both ayahuasca and ibogaine under the supervision of Medical Doctors, which is currently not allowed in the US.

Clearly the availability of this unique combination of features has led to a surge in demand and The Holistic Sanctuary seems to have become quite an exclusive hangout. Yet the founder Johnny is quite down to earth and always tries his best to accommodate people who are genuinely in need. Indeed when people come forward with independent stories like these about Johnny Tabaie, it says something about his success in curing addiction.   

Testimonials like these began to make headlines, showing the level of luxury at the rehab facility and overall patient satisfaction:

After seeing so many testimonials, many journalists were trying to get hold of his story. In a recent press interview a journalist from Healthynewage wanted to know what Johnny Tabaie stands for. His answer was this: “After experiencing first-hand how ineffective and impersonal some treatments were, I developed a clear vision – and that is to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods”.  This can be better explained with reference to the Pouyan method below, but also the use of IV treatment.

How the Pouyan method works to cure addiction:

Since it is a proprietary protocol that is developed by Johnny Tabaie that draws on multi-disciplinary methods, one can understand that there is a level of secrecy. After all there is nobody else in the world who uses the protocol. This seems to be where conventional medicine and advanced alternative healing converges as it involves practitioners from both spheres.

Johnny made reference to their proprietary IV formulas: “We offer a powerful brain repair IV that people can only find here at The Holistic Sanctuary. In terms of results, we see people with Xanax or any benzo dependency get completely healed usually within 2-4 weeks”.

This is perhaps the key to understanding the success of the Pouyan method over conventional methods that fail, as Johnny explained: “I knew that my own brain was damaged by years of alcohol abuse and prescription drugs. All the group meetings in the world was not going repair my damaged brain”. It was therefore that he began his search for a solution that can repair the brain and restore it to it’s pre-addiction state.

Over time, their medical team carried out brain scans to evaluate patients at the outset and again 30 days after being treated by the Pouyan method. Today they share these images on their website, which seems to show complete recovery.

The Pouyan method includes Ibogaine treatment with a full medical Detox and emergency room medical doctors. The minimum stay is 2 weeks that will cover at least 70 hours of private one on one therapy sessions. It is worth mentioning that the holistic method does not rely on toxic drugs: it does not make use of Xanax and Valium. Patients will go on a non-GMO diet that is kosher and gluten free. Each patient also receives a daily massage reiki, yoga and pure oxygen therapy.

Treating a range of addiction problems at one luxury rehab facility:

At The Holistic Sanctuary they treat a range of problems not limited to addiction.

  • Dependency on Opiates
  • Dependency on Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Nicotine addiction (as a result of smoking)
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Trauma
  • Self Awareness
  • Spiritual development

The above is all treated with the Pouyan method.

A safety-first approach for Ayahuasca Retreats:

The Holistic Sanctuary wanted to create the worlds’ safest Ayahuasca retreat. This involves preparation for the therapy with proprietary IV systems, then administration by a master shaman who is backed by a emergency medical doctors. Strict screening is a paramount part of their policy and Doctors will not allow anyone to participate if they believe the patient can be compromised. With a ratio of 25 staff to 5 patients, it says a lot about the level of care that can be expected.


Everyone gets to a point where they need a rethink and reset. In cases of addiction, that need intensifies significantly although many also look at this from a purely spiritual perspective. Lately, the demand for both Ibogaine and Ayahuasca retreat centers surged worldwide. At The Holistic Sanctuary guests and patients can experience all these treatments under qualified medical supervision and with guidance from an advanced alternative practitioner with an exceptional reputation.

The proximity of the facilities to the US makes it convenient, thus eliminating the need travel to faraway places. Never attempt self-treatment or self-administration with substances that has risk associated. Only consider this if it can be obtained under Medical supervision from experts with a safe track record.

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