5 Things your ObGyn Won’t Tell You about Childbirth

An average visit to the OB GYN specialist is rather short and rushed, so many mothers feel they won’t get enough attention from their busy doctor. Fortunately, there are places where you can get full attention from your doctor, as well as advice few women know about. The OB GYN specialist from Forest Hills Medical Services opens up about childbirth and postpartum, telling us things every mother needs to know but is too afraid to ask.

You can decrease your risk for some complications

The main focus of all mothers is to stay healthy and avoid complications at the moment of childbirth. Gestational diabetes, intrauterine growth restriction and preeclampsia are just some of the complications which can turn a healthy pregnancy into a troublesome one and put the baby in danger. Increasing your intake of probiotics can reduce the risk of these pregnancy complications. To do this, just drink a special probiotics rich smoothie every day during your pregnancy.

Prepare for a shorter labor

The length of your labor is related to the baby’s position. Not only the baby needs to be head down, but they also need to be facing the mother’s spine for an easier birth. This correct position will ensure your body is not trying to re-position the baby during labor. Luckily for mothers, there are a series of exercises they can do to help the baby get into the right position before birth – just ask your doctors about them.

The epidural might not be what you expect

All mothers want to get an epidural during labor, but few of them actually know at what cost is comes. The injection comes with an increased risk of cesarean, more stress for the baby, increased risk of perineal tearing and the mother is unable to help the baby move into the right childbirth position. On top of these, the epidural might not work.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for one, but that you should evaluate the risks and benefits it carries before the birth.

Breastfeeding preparation is not a joke

Many women think breastfeeding classes are a joke, because everyone knows how to feed their baby. Well, that’s wrong! During the rise of formula, around the Victorian era, most mothers gave up on breastfeeding and the ancient knowledge was lost. In other words, we forgot how to feed our babies. Even if your mother and grandmother can help you with breastfeeding advice, a lactation consultant is the best person who can teach you how to feed the baby naturally.

You can have a vaginal birth after cesarean

Most women think they can’t have a vaginal birth after having a cesarean, but the truth is they can. A natural birth is advisable, as the mother is able to recover faster and she can take care of the newborn. In the case of a cesarean, the mother has a lot of restrictions, which hinder her from taking care of the baby, so if you want to give birth naturally after a cesarean, ask your doctor about it.