How To Do Eyelash Extensions? Tips For The Master

We all want to craft and create picture-perfect eyelash extensions. The kind of extensions that make our clients gasp with excitement and joy! But did you know, along with experience and skill, using stable and high-quality individual lashes is the key to achieving our ultimate goal? In this article, let’s explore how to master the art of eyelash extensions and what products are needed to design flawless lash sets and fills. 

Types of Eyelash Extensions

The dazzling world of lashes is filled with diverse and versatile eyelash extensions. Lash fills can be designed with synthetic, mink, or silk eyelash extensions, all available in different colors and shades!

For more classic and timeless designs, clients prefer the traditional black and dark-pigmented milk individual lashes. These lashes are lightweight and are perfect for all occasions – whether it’s work or an extravagant event. On the other hand, colorful lash extensions were made to craft one-of-a-kind and unique finishes. Understanding our clients’ preferences and styles are the best way to fashion striking lashes. 

Application Process & Lash Products

Along with specific types and styles of lashes, let’s explore all the necessary products and tools needed for the application process. The entire process takes less than an hour, and only needs a handful of items. 

The extension application procedure begins with our clients seated relaxed on the salon chair. We start the process by placing lash extension pads underneath the natural lashes. Next, we move on to separate the natural lashes and apply individual eyelash extension glue and adhesive. Finally, one by one, we place and attach the delicate mink individual lashes. Once all the extensions are properly placed, the application process is complete!

And here is where the after-care journey begins. Communicate to your clients the importance of using cleansing lash shampoo every day, as a way to remove oil debris and unnecessary build-up. If your customers decide they no longer wish to rock beautiful extensions, we can use powerful lash extension removal gel to loosen and detach the individual lashes. 

High-Quality Individual Eyelash Extensions

The final step to mastering the skill of eyelash extensions, is investing in high-quality individual eyelash extensions. Introducing the Stacy Lash Mink Individual Lashes!

Stable curls, optimal lengths and thicknesses and premium lash material are just a few key characteristics of the Stacy Lash Mink Individual Lashes. The restickable foil lash strips are great products for experienced lash artists looking for easy application and detachment. Along with affordable prices and optimal packaging, the Stacy Lash Mink Individual Lashes are the go-to products for any professional lash artist! So, what are you waiting for? Visit our lash extension supply store today and join the glamorous world of extensions tomorrow!