How To Find The Right Mobility Scooter For You

Mobility scooters have changed the lives of untold millions, offering many who could otherwise never walk again the ability to freely move about their home, place of work, and anywhere else they please. For others who don’t need mobility scooters full-time, they’re still immensely useful possessions which can radically improve your ability to get to where you want to go on time.

Nevertheless, finding the right mobility scooter for you isn’t always easy, and spending your money on an expensive option only to discover that it has lackluster features is a real nightmare. Here’s how to find the right mobility scooter for you, and what to know before you buy it.

What to ask before you buy

The secret to finding the right mobility scooter for you is to know which questions to ask yourself before you actually buy one. If you don’t have your priorities set straight before you invest in an expensive option, you’ll likely find yourself frustrated with a mobility scooter that’s insufficient at meeting your needs. The first and most important question you need to ask is how often you intend to use this mobility scooter – some are designed for hard, frequent use, whereas others are much more suited towards temporary use on an occasional basis.

The next crucial question worth asking is where you intend to use this mobility scooter. If you intend to purchase a mobility scooter for use around the house, for instance, you’ll want to find an option that has the right fit for the layout of your house. A three-wheeled option can maneuver around corners much more capably than a four-wheeled option, for instance, and particularly nimble three-wheelers are stellar for those in cramped living conditions with lots of tight corners and narrow hallways.

TGA Breeze S3 mobility scooter is perfect for rough terrain and has large pneumatic tires. If you’re outside frequently, however, a four-wheeled option with greater power and stability can come in handy much more often than a lesser-wheeled choice.

Sites which offer the greatest selection of mobility scooters should be thoroughly surveyed so that you can find one which is both visually appealing and of great utility to you in your everyday life. Always remember to scout out your options before you make such a steep purchase. If you’re someone with lower back problems in need of additional lumbar support, for instance, the chair of your scooter will be much more important when you purchase it than it would otherwise be. For those in areas prone to flooding, a mobility scooter that excels in outdoor, wet conditions is essential towards getting around safely.

The U.S. Census Bureau notes that roughly 1 in 5 Americans has a disability, so the problem of picking the right mobility scooter for the job is more common than you’d think. Never be embarrassed or afraid to ask your medical professionals about their recommendations for mobility scooters, as they can frequently point you in the right direction before you invest a large sum of cash.

Know how to resolve common problems

Knowing how to find the right mobility scooter for you won’t be worth much if you shortly thereafter encounter a problem that you’re unfamiliar with and thus incapable of solving. That’s why it’s important to do your homework ahead of time and read up on common mobility scooter issues which could stymie your ability to get around your home, place of work, or wherever else it is you choose to roam. Very few people take repairs and maintenance into consideration when purchasing their first mobility scooter, which is an amateur mistake which could come back to haunt you both in terms of your long-term mobility and in terms of how much it sets you back financially speaking.

You should pay particular attention to the fit of your mobility scooter – what’s the height and width of your seat, and how well does it shape itself around your body? Is it capable of getting through the doorways in your home, office, and other buildings which you frequent? Speaking to an expert and test driving some models before you finalize your decision is the only surefire way to answer these questions in a thorough fashion, so don’t be afraid to ride before you buy – anyone who denies you such an opportunity isn’t worth doing business with in the first place.

Finally, understand that your knowledge of the controls will be essential towards your future mobility, so don’t pick an option which is too complex or simple, depending on your preferences for tech. Some mobility scooters require the use of both hands, and due to accidents or other reasons not all users can operate such scooters. Others are much more portable and capable of being stored than others, too, so factor in how frequently you travel and where it is you go before you buy a mobility scooter.

Follow this advice, and soon you’ll have found the perfect mobility scooter for your situation without having to break the bank to afford it.

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