How to Get Help for Addiction: When to Go to Rehab

Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans will face addiction at some point in their life?

If you’re one of the many people who are struggling with an addiction, it may be hard to know when to seek outside help. Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need rehab?” If you have to ask yourself this, then the answer is most likely yes.

Do you want to know how to conquer addiction? Keep reading to learn more about how to get help for addiction and when it’s time to go to rehab.

Your Health Is Deteriorating

If you take any drug in too big of a dose or too often, it’ll have a severe impact on your health. Addictions to both legal and illegal substances can also have noticeable effects on your physical appearance as well. For example, alcohol dependence can make people shake and impair their balance.

Drugs lower your body’s ability to fight off germs, so longterm abuse can lead to a chronic crummy feeling. If you feel like you’re taking a turn for the worse and you aren’t showing signs of improvement, a rehab facility can restore your health and happiness. Once you get sober, you won’t believe how much better you feel.

Your Personal or Professional Relationships Are Strained

Addiction drives a huge wedge between the user and everyone around them. The reason why is because the user becomes hyper-focused on the drug and may become agitated easily. Long-term abuse can lead to isolation and even unemployment if your job performance is affected. 

Nobody wants to stage an intervention because of how uncomfortable it can be, but people do it out of concern and necessity. If any of your loved ones have tried to talk to you about your substance abuse, then your addiction has become obvious to the outside world. The best way to gain control of your life is to get professional help.

How to Get Help for Addiction: Rehab Is Crucial When You Can’t Quit by Yourself

There are plenty of people who think, “My addiction doesn’t control me. I can quit whenever I want.” This mentality is why only 10% of people seek professional treatment.

Having an unhealthy reliance or obsession with any substance should be cause for concern. If you notice that you can’t make it through the day without your drug of choice or you think about it constantly, then you need to quit.

There are plenty of cases where people have been successful in getting sober by themselves. However, getting over an addiction takes a huge physical and emotional toll that most people aren’t equipped to handle. If you’ve tried getting sober in the past and failed, rehab should be your next step.

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Now that you know how to get help for addiction, you can start the road to recovery.

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