How to Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Down

Private health insurance can be a godsend when you are faced with the cost of medical care. For a relatively small investment in premiums, you and your family can get the protection you need to cover things like hospital accommodation, prescription drugs, medical practitioners’ fees, x-rays, surgical appliances, and more. The last thing you want is to pay more than you have to for the protection you need. Here are some suggestions for finding the right type and level of health insurance coverage.

  • Consider your health insurance needs first.

Before you start looking for a specific provider, make a list of the types of services you are most likely to need or use. Then you can find a policy that is a good match to your needs, as opposed to choosing a policy based mainly on price and hoping that it will give you the right level of protection when you need health care services.

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For example, if you have young children or live with a chronic condition, you will want to choose a plan that includes prescription medication and covers medical practitioners’ and consultants’ fees. In a situation where you are a generally healthy adult who only goes in for regular check-ups, a basic policy be the right level of protection for you.

  • Look after your own health to qualify for better rates on your coverage.

When you apply for health insurance coverage, your application may go through the underwriting process to determine the level of risk you present as a policyholder. While you can’t change some aspects of your health history that could result in higher rates, such as family members who have been diagnosed with heart disease or cancer, you can take action to stay as healthy as possible, such as:

  • Eating a balanced diet

  • Getting regular exercise

  • Making sure you get plenty of rest

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to second-hand smoke

All of these steps will help you stay healthy and keep your insurance premiums down.

  • Compare policies from different companies and different levels of coverage within companies.

To find the right type and level of coverage for your needs, you need to be prepared to do a bit of digging. Some people find it helpful to make a list of the terms they are looking for on a checklist or a spreadsheet and then compare a company’s coverage against it when they are looking for coverage. Since a company may offer different levels of protection, this exercise can be very helpful once you find a provider you like and want to narrow down your choices.

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You’ll probably find that you’ll get the most accurate rate for your private health insurance coverage if you go through the full underwriting process. Companies offering a plan where they accept everyone would have to charge higher rates to account for the fact that some policyholders would be more likely to make claims against their policy that others.

No matter which policy you decide to buy, be sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing anything. The insurance policy is a legally-binding contract.

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