How to Make Young Patients Happy with Good Tasting Prophy Paste

As a dentist, you always want to leave young patients with a happy dental care experience. To be very exact, kids often get scared of dental procedures especially those that didn’t end pleasantly. That’s why it is important that you opt for processes that will easily leave young patients with a dental experience to savor.

As a professional dentist, I have been lucky to deal with very many patients. I have also had some awesome practice and indeed a fruitful experience. Overtime, I have learnt that there are a number of things that you can do to keep young patients happy.

Today, I will lead you through how to use good tasting prophy paste to make young patients happy and leave them with a great dental experience. Read on to see.

Disclaimer: You can order prophy paste samples from every dental websites at low or no cost at all to find which one is more suitable for your purpose.

What is a Prophy Paste?

Prophy Pastes is a dental care product usually used to remove plaque and surface discolorations. The main ingredients of prophy paste is abrasive silica but some products may contain fluoride or ACP to strengthen tooth enamel.

It is mostly used during prophy appointments and is among the most used dental products. Prophy Pastes are generally packed into sizable single-use cups. They are available in specified range of flavors and grits. This helps them to leave dental hygienists with an awesome polishing power.

Tips for Choosing the Best Prophy Paste

When looking for a prophy paste for young patient, it is important that you choose a great option. Here are a number of tips that will be of help.

Focus on the Paste’s Benefits

When choosing a prophy paste for young patient, it’s very important that you choose a prophy paste that will be of great benefit to the patient. It should contain the abrasive silica for the removal of dental plaques. As fluoride uptake needs a specific amount of contact time on that does not happen during this short course the use of fluoride is not justified.  

Give a Preferred Type of Taste

Don’t force young patients with a prophy paste flavor that they don’t find appealing. They should come in pleasant flavors and will therefore give young patients the option to choose what they prefer. It should be without any forms of residue or possibly poor taste.

Find Easy to Use Prophy Paste

In addition to what I have mentioned, it will be very good if you look for a combination of materials that will provide you and young patients with what you actually want easily and at the same time leave you with a less complicated process to achieve it.

Making young Patients Happy Using Prophy Paste

Today, the usage of Prophy Pastes has been widely practiced by dentists. Nonetheless, making young patients happy boils down to how you use the pastes, what you use them for, and when you use them.


The main focus of a cool tooth polishing experience is to leave young patients with a highly polished tooth with an aesthetic appearance to behold. This can only be done by removing any bacterial plaque biofilms that might have piled on the teeth.

It can also be achieved when extrinsic stains are removed. This is where the prophy pastes come in to leave young patients with the happy and perfect smile too.

NOTE: Before polishing my patients’ teeth, I usually take my time to identify and understand the type of stains that I am dealing with. This helps me a lot when it comes to choosing the best prophy paste for the job.

Types of Polishing

There are a number of teeth polishing techniques that you can use prophy pastes for in order to give young patient desirable results.

Therapeutic Polishing: This is the root surfaces of the teeth that have been exposed during surgery are polished with an intention of reducing microflora on the tooth’s cementum and also endotoxin.

Cosmetic Polishing: Also known as coronal polishing, cosmetic polishing of the teeth is the most frequented. It is intended to keep your teeth free of plaque and any other extrinsic stains. It is good at achieving smooth and mirror-like enamel.

Superficial Polishing: This type of polishing is related to polishing of a tooth’s crown. It is also considered to be a cosmetic procedure.

NOTE: All these procedures can be referred to as selective stain removal. This is a term that’s often used to indicate the removal of any extrinsic stains once professional scaling has been done. This is usually done using bristle brush, rubber cup, and a polishing system.

Choosing the Best Prophy Paste

Prophy paste if poorly chosen or used may cause incidental damage. That’s why they should be chosen really carefully. While choosing the product one should select the right one from different grits from coarse to extra-fine depending on the dental plaques, types of tooth and patient’s age.

Prophy Pastes with Large Particles

What you should know is Prophy Pastes with larger particle sizes (coarse or medium) are usually very effective when it comes to extrinsic stain removal. In that case the dentists should carefully do their job to avoid any damage to the teeth’s surface.

Prophy Pastes with Small Particles

On the other hand, prophy pastes with smaller particle sizes (fine pastes) usually increase the cleanliness of tooth surfaces. They will also provide luster and smoothness and in turn make the tooth surface much more resistant to any subsequent stains and plaques.

Prophy Pastes with Two Patient-pleasing Factors

Taste and smell are the two patient-pleasing factors that should give the prime importance. As the flavors and sweeteners also affects taste the right selection of these two factors will determine the utmost patient comfort.

NOTE: Being gentle is very important and will also contribute to a much more loveable prophy paste experience and indeed a happy patient too.

Best Prophy Pastes: FAQs

There are a number of concerns that patients usually have when it comes to prophy pastes. Understanding how to address them is also very important.  

Why Polish Your Teeth?

Tooth polishing is a basic part of any dental cleaning procedure. It is good at removing plaque and also bacteria that will often lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, and more predominantly cavities.

Why Use Prophy Paste?

It is important to use prophy paste as it is good at removing stains that any regular toothbrush and also toothpaste won’t remove completely. Prophy pastes are often coarser compared to regular toothpastes which makes them much more effective when it comes to stain removal and smoothing of teeth surfaces.

Is Teeth Polishing a Painful Process?

No. It is another painless dental procedure. In fact many patients often walk out with joy. Thanks to the use of small-sized, soft rubber cup with a polishing paste.


Keeping young patients happy is what sums up a great dental experience. This can be easily achieved by the great taste and smell sensations of prophy paste. When choosing a prophy paste, flavor and aroma are as important as removing plaques and stains from teeth surface.

Choosing the best prophy paste is what leads to an awesome dental hygiene procedure. It is the best way to leave young patient with a memorable dental experience and one that gives them the urge to come back for the procedure someday.