How to Pay Medical Bills You Can’t Afford

Medical bills can be a huge burden on you and your family. The last thing you want to think about after a risky surgery, a broken arm, or other hospital stay, your medical bill can become almost frightening with its number of zeros. Some people might be able to shrug off their medical bill and simply pay it, but for the rest of us, a heavy medical bill is a serious blow. If you need help paying medical bills that you just don’t think you can afford, here are some simple ways to cover some of that cost.

Start An Investment Fund

While this resource won’t be available for 3 to 5 years, you should be prepared for future medical losses. If you’ve paid a steep amount in the past and just don’t want to be underprepared again, you can start a separate fund for medical expenses and begin a stock market investment to cover it. The money you make on your investments can be gradually invested in a separate account, not unlike a retirement fund, that you have the freedom to use later when a broken arm needs repair. Look into Stocks under 1 dollar and start building a safety net.

Do an Error Check

You may not have the time to invest, however–at least for the bill you currently have. If you need to pay off a medical bill quickly, you need answers today. A good way to potentially lower your medical bill is to have it checked for clerical errors. Often, a clerical error on your bill can result in a higher fee, so make sure you’re being charged appropriately. A medical bill advocate will help you find any errors in your bill and fight for the appropriate charge.

Negotiate Your Bill

You may not know it, but your medical bill is actually negotiable. You can “haggle,” as it were, about the price of your care. There’s more than one way to negotiate a medical bill, and one of the methods (or more) might allow you to save in the long run. You can spot errors in your bill and ask if you qualify for any discounts. If you try to negotiate your bill, do so calmly and firmly. If you feel like you need help in negotiating, don’t be afraid to enlist an expert. You don’t always have to pay every figure.

Consult a Lawyer

Sometimes, your injury, or the injury of a family member wasn’t just an accident. It was caused by the negligence of someone else–another driver, a property owner, or a place of employment. If the reason for your hospital visit involves the fault of someone else, you may qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. If you qualify, a personal injury lawyer can fight for financial compensation, consulting with the insurance companies on both sides and winning you a monetary allotment for the injury you suffered. The extra income from a lawsuit like this will help in paying your medical bill.