How to Plan the Perfect Vegas Bachelorette Party

Are you getting married in Vegas?

Each year about 120,0000 couples tie the knot in this marriage capital of the world because of the food, hotels, entertainment, and endless excitement. Of course, this makes for an amazing bachelorette party!

With so much to do, you might not know where to begin. Read on to learn how to plan the perfect event with your best girls.

Book a Suit

Book a suite at one of your favorite hotels. Keeping it close to the wedding chappel will ensure that you make it there with time to spare the next morning.

If you stay in one of the bigger hotels on the strip, then they will undoubtedly wow you with comfort, cleanliness, and service. When staying off the strip, you will save money. But, check ratings and guest reviews ahead of time.

Tell the hotel what you’re celebrating. Sometimes guest services will throw in a little extra detail that will make the bride feel special.

Create an Itinerary

Create an itinerary for your Vegas bachelorette party. This will make sure you do everything on your bucket list and get back to get enough beauty rest before the big day.

Look at a map of the city as you plan. Begin with activities furthest from your hotel and move closer as the evening goes on.

If you plan to make a show or anything time-sensitive, figure out your travel time now and make that part of the itinerary. Often walking brings you there quicker when traveling a close distance.

Make Reservations

Do not expect to simply show up to any popular Restaurant in Las Vegas. You need reservations. Begin your event planning a couple of months ahead of time, especially if you want to snag seats in a hot spot.

Amazing brunch spots include:

  • Eggslut
  • Bouchon
  • Honey Salt
  • Echo & Rig Butcher
  • Lago
  • La Cave

If you plan to day-drink, check out some of the hottest Las Vegas bars. Daylight always offers exciting music on stage and a gorgeous pool. Rent out one of the cabanas for the ultimate VIP experience.

If you ladies want to remain dressed up for the day and only hit a bar in passing, check out the carnival court. They provide live music, amazing cocktails, and exciting bar tricks! 

Make dinner an entire experience! Reserve a table at one of these unique spots:

  • Black Out
  • The Laundry Room
  • Mr. Chow
  • Area15
  • NoMad Library

Later, get yourself a table at one of the hottest nightclubs. XS at the Wynn, Omnia at Ceasar’s Palace, and Tao at the Venetian, never disappoint. 

Sex It Up

To throw the best bachelorette party, it needs to get dirty. Remember to buy penis straws for the girls to sip from.

Buy tickets to a sexy show as well! Magic Mike never disappoints the ladies as it brings humor and hot bods together. 

Absinthe at Ceasar’s Spiegeltent offers a unique experience. They make sex humorous and VIPs walk in through a speakeasy phonebooth!

Make the Bachelorette Party Memorable

Sin City won’t let you throw a bachelorette party that’s anything less than memorable. Don’t stress over the little details and obsess over the magic in each moment. Make your bachelorette party something you never want to forget, and take pictures, or you might!

We want to help you make your big day special and unique. Find planning tips on our wedding page!