How To Plan Your Own Funeral: A Step by Step Guide

Have you ever considered planning your own funeral?

As difficult as death may be to talk about, some people choose to plan their funeral to relieve stress from family members.  Funerals are already hard enough on the family, and beginning your plans may help during a tough period.

Continue reading to learn how to plan your own funeral.

A Guide on How to Plan Your Own Funeral

One of the best ways to guarantee that your funeral goes the way you want it to is to plan it yourself. Not only will it represent you, but you can greatly help out your family in a time of mourning.

Making sure that your final wishes happen can be done by this funeral service at La Vista. It’s up to you if you want a traditional funeral service or a celebration of life and death.

Below is a guide on how to plan your own funeral so that your family and friends don’t need to stress.

Think About What You Want

One of the very first things you should decide when you begin to plan for your funeral is whether you want to be buried, cremated, or donated. This should be a decision that is well thought out. For some, this may be influenced by religious views or family traditions.

The next decision you must make is on whether you want a funeral service or a memorial service. A memorial service is a great way to incorporate an important aspect of your life into the ceremony and personalize it for yourself.

Memorial services typically last around an hour and can be held in any location. Figuring out where you want the service held will help clarify prices as well. You should also be considering if you want a viewing, visitation, wake, and reception.

Talk with the Family

Being sensitive to others’ emotions by talking to your family can help make them feel involved and give them a chance to put in their opinions to personalize the service to as many people as possible.

It is important to be open and honest with your family when planning your funeral so that they understand your needs and wishes. This also gives them the chance to ask you any questions that they may have.

Having an intimate conversation with your loved ones on this subject is recommended so that everyone can feel comfortable to feel their emotions. Death is not easy, even when it hasn’t happened yet.

Choose Your Budget

Taking time to budget your funeral may be a good way to start the process once you have spoken with family and chosen the way you would like to be buried. Full-service funeral homes typically cost a couple of thousand dollars depending on the ceremony and location.

Because you are planning your funeral before, this opens up the opportunity for you to shop around and look for the best prices (most people don’t get this chance because they are on a time crunch). Memorial services and Green burials are often cheaper options compared to a funeral service.

Document It

In most cases, the funeral home will keep all documents and planning safe within their files. It is not recommended to put this information into a safety deposit box because it can be forgotten or inaccessible.

In this you should name the funeral home that you would like and possibly a backup option or two in case they cannot accommodate. This is also where you can identify who will be doing what during the ceremony (pallbearers, officiate, and other members who would like to speak).

You can also include certain organizations that you have taken part in, or write down specific people that you would like to be informed of the funeral when it comes up, along with their contact information.

All of your wishes will need to be documented and easily accessible to family members. Many places offer outlines that you can fill in to be thorough.

Everything Else

There are many details for planning a funeral that must be considered, with the most obvious being the type of burial. If you choose to be buried, you will need to select a casket and location to be in. Choosing to do a cremation will require an urn and the decision on who will hold the ashes and if you would like them released in a particular location.

Selecting the style of the ceremony will help you determine the type of music played and the attendees you would like there. You can also make plans for after the reception, many people choose to have an uplifting party to leave on a happy note instead of sadness.

Planning your funeral can quickly become expensive and you may have to consider a payment plan for your options. If you choose to do this, be sure to speak with someone close about taking over and making remaining payments (if there are any).

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Taking Control

Taking control and learning how to plan your own funeral has its benefits. Planning ahead can help save your family from added stress during an emotional time. Doing so also gives you the chance to customize the ceremony to your preferences.

Speaking with your family and being open with your plans is highly recommended so that it doesn’t come to a shock to family members. It also gives the opportunity for everyone to give their feedback and come up with unique ways of celebrating life and death.

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