How to Raise Low Self-Esteem

Your perception of your appearance, abilities, and personality can determine your self-esteem. There might be moments in your life when it is high and times when it is low.

Everyone has flaws they would like to change, but they shouldn’t affect your confidence or self-worth. If you are struggling with intense insecurities that hold you back, you need to improve your self-perception. Learn how you can raise your self-esteem.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

A lack of self-worth can be a result of negative thoughts. For example, you might tell yourself you don’t have the intelligence to apply for a promotion or a degree program. Counteract the negative emotions by writing down a list of your pessimistic beliefs, and then challenge them with positive feelings or achievements, such as “I’m hardworking” or “I’m trustworthy.” Also, try to recall the many compliments you have received throughout the years and jot them down. It will help you see yourself in a new light.

Set a New Challenge

People with high self-esteem don’t allow their fears to stand in the way of embracing new experiences. If your confidence is on the floor, set yourself a challenge, and don’t stop until you have ticked it off your bucket list. For example, you could:

Even if you fail, you will feel proud to have pushed yourself outside your comfort zone, and you might gain the confidence to try again. Once you achieve your goals, your self-esteem will soar.

Care for Your Appearance Each Day

While appearance isn’t everything, how you look and feel in your clothing can determine your self-worth. To brim with confidence each day, you may need to set more time aside to groom your hair, pamper your body, and improve your outfits.

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Spend More Time with Uplifting People

You will likely meet many people in your life who will lift you up. Yet, you may come across others who are more than happy to tear you down. If a friend or relative makes you second-guess your abilities, appearance, or qualities, you might need to evaluate the relationship. Don’t spend your life living with self-doubt. Distance yourself from those who dent your confidence and spend more time with people who cheer you on.

Avoid Negative Situations

Life is too short to waste your time and energy on situations or conditions that decrease your self-esteem. Consider the benefits an activity or environment brings to your life. If you can’t think of any, it is a sign you need to make changes to your life. For example, you might need to seek employment at a more positive company or avoid social activities that dent your confidence.