How to stay healthy when travelling

If you struggle to stay healthy in your day to day life and are seeing the negative effects that this brings on to your mental and physical wellbeing, then it will be all too easy to do the same when you are travelling and going on holiday. Being away from home means being away from the gym (regardless of how little time you do actually spend there each week!) and away from your usual eating habits. All-inclusive holidays in particular are a magnet for weight gain and bad habits to resurface prior to being well behaved before your trip, as we tend to overindulge and eat more than we usually would when faced with a buffet full of treats. However there are certain tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your next trip that will allow you to stay as healthy as possible when travelling. Take a look…

Plan and prepare

We realise it can be hard to get all the nutrients that you may need when on the go which is why it is so important to plan ahead and pack some tablets and supplements to help you stay as balanced as possible when dealing with the stress your body goes through when travelling. Digestion supplements and Magnesium tablets (for muscle relaxation) will allow you to stay comfortable when travelling. As you would take the time to apply for your American ESTA visa, take the time to work out how you have suffered when travelling in the past and plan your tablets and medicines accordingly so that you are never caught out. If you normally suffer from seasickness, prepare tablets to combat this etc.

Keep active when you can

The great thing about travel is that moving around is pretty much guaranteed and part of the package of going abroad. Regardless of whether you are wandering through the streets of Europe or swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, activity should be the order of the day without you even realising it. Make sure you take full advantage of the fact that you are not sitting behind your desk or watching a movie on the sofa and explore!

Be mindful of what you order

Making excuses as to why you are not fitting in your five a day is not a viable option if you are looking to stay health on holiday. If there is a healthier option on the menu each day, take it. If you are tempted with a second helping, avoid it. This does not mean that you should be stingy or not enjoy yourself, but try to always think about how you would eat if you were at home- would you eat 3 helpings of something at home- probably not- so try to not do the same when visiting the buffet cart!

Drink (water!)

Something that we can often lose sight of when travelling is how much water we take in as opposed to how much we sweat etc. Whether you are surfing or lounging by the pool, hydration is important. It can also have a significant knock on effect on the overall functionality of your body, so make sure you do not pass off the chance to hydrate it!