Let Nature Transform You


Many of us need a retreat where we can rejuvenate in mind and body, where
we can recover in peace and reemerge into the light, where we can enjoy not
only a respite from stress but restart our lives, where we can return to
our friends and families with more energy and enlightenment.

Change of this kind is the result of wisdom from a man of great
intelligence: Yancy Wright, Founder and CEO of Alternavida, a destination that
empowers individuals, groups and companies to transform themselves and
deepen their respective goals for improving the world.

These experiences enable guests to bask in the sun, eat well, be more
present and immerse themselves in nature. Those advantages are the result
of authentic encounters, which provide individuals with a sense of
inspiration and an even greater degree of preparation – a path toward
developing the practical tools necessary for creating a customized path to
a series of happier and healthier milestones.

It is this emphasis on investing in yourself – it is this focus on
unlocking your inner potential – that is critical to forging meaningful
connections with others.

That fact also underscores the importance of better exploring your own
identity and relationship with the environment.

For Yancy combines specific measurements with ways to facilitate a holistic
approach to designing a healthy lifestyle.

He designs a journey that allows you to chart your progress, along with the
support and insight of various experts, planners and counselors.

He applies a philosophy of health and happiness, which integrates the best
strengths of the mind and body, as well as the emotional and environmental
factors for better living.

He respects the power of the psyche and the physical potential each person

He understands the social aspect that drives us, while he leads us toward
the balance we should always pursue.