How Will Our Current Cultural Trends Affect How Millennials Age?

How Will Our Current Cultural Trends Affect How Millennials Age?

There are so many aspects of our current lifestyle that are going to influence how millennials age. More than ever, millennials are working from our computers and spending their evenings on their phones, so that’s likely to impact their posture considerably. Millennials also have different priorities to other generations, for example they’re thought to spend considerably more than any other generation on dental hygiene, because they value how they look overall. There are so many different ways the cultural trends we see now will shape the grandparents of the future, keep reading to learn more.

How Will Grandmothers Be in the Future?

Chums have done an interesting campaign on the grandparents of the future, and they think that the grandmothers of the future are likely to have lip fillers! These days working on your looks is more than just applying some makeup and many of today’s youth turn to cosmetic procedures to improve their overall aesthetic. Fillers can go in more places than just your lips, but many people start with their lips and move on to other areas. You can also use dermal fillers to help negate wrinkles and some of the effects of aging.

There’s also a good chance the grandmothers of the future will have plenty of tattoos, there isn’t the taboo nowadays that used to exist. In fact, in the UK more women get tattoos than men. False eyelashes are also something that’s very trendy at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised if the millennials carry this trend into their age, especially as eyelashes tend to fall out and thin out as we get older. 

How Will Grandfathers Be in the Future?
One of the guesses on the list of things that Chum’s prepared is that grandfathers in the future may be using makeup. Now there’s a whole world of content on Youtube with tutorials for how men can improve their looks using makeup. It may be as simple as just covering blemishes, or full blown makeup looks, but I imagine we will see more makeup use in the coming years. 
There’s also a good chance in a few decades that granddads of the future will be using more integrated tech. How exactly this will look, no one knows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if technology merges with our bodies in some way. Another thing that I can imagine seeing, is granddads with shapely butts. It’s such a big trend now to have a big butt and this trend extends to millennial males too.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what the grandparents of the future will look like, this campaign by Chum’s has been really interesting to see how our current trends can affect how we age.