self care

Importance of Self Care

Giving yourself enough care


Stress and pressure have increased remarkably in the last few years. Self-care, taking care of oneself, is important to keep one healthy, to allow a person to do a job, to care for others and complete tasks. Not only is it important to maintain the body in health without pain but it is as important to keep depression at bay.

We, society, are bombarded with email sales, sales everywhere possible. Inflation raises our food prices until the money no longer stretches. Public information encourages us to save for our children’s education when we can barely cover expenses day to day. Stress strains our health and still we do not think about taking care of ourselves. We should.


When considering what self-care is, we generally think about a pretty woman designing hair style, routinely applying creams and makeup and going to the gym. All of these are good, but not totally what self-care is about. We must include what we put inside our bodies. To build it up to fight off stressors and pressures along with building the immune system. Caring for our bodies inside and out, fights off stress and disease.

We can see that if we don’t give plants dirt, food and water, they won’t thrive, bugs can and will devour them and they will droop and die. Though we can see that, we don’t apply it to ourselves.

Our bodies will do the same. All of these things are important to make us feel good about ourselves, to keep our bodies well, healthy and stable.

We must care about how we look, but more important we must take care of nutrition and maintaining health and getting help when we need help. If bodies are busy trying to heal themselves, their immune systems are too busy to avoid and repel further disease and illness.


Shalom Lamm encourages others to better themselves and his opinions are respected. He gardens, using it as a stress reliever and wishes others to use a hobby or something that allows time for self and for the mind to rest. It is important to give stressors time away from the always working mind. Some people like meditation to soothe away everything but peace and serenity. Love for mankind comes with self-care. When one loves self, the love of everything comes.

Give yourself part of the day. Give self vitamins and nutrition, but also devise some method to rest the mind and to define happiness.


Self-care is very important as well as an individual matter. What one considers good another person will reject. Self-care is anything done to promote a healthy body and mind too, to reduce emotional stress and build up the immune system. Shalom Lamm has succeeded at life and knows how to separate the great stressors of that success and business life to be able to have a good and happy home life. Once that goal is achieved, the importance of self-care is finally understood.