In the Days of Easy Connection, Make Sure Security Is a Priority

Everything is connected and synced these days. And that’s super convenient. Except, it’s also a little bit dangerous when it comes to security. At least, cyber security. And you know what’s in the cyber world? Your medical records. Your passwords. Your financial information. So – although convenience is nice here in the middle of this mobile revolution, be sure that security is a top priority.

Some of the topics that you’ll have to understand to create a more secure virtual space for yourself will include an understanding of HIPAA, knowing how to create and use secure password schemes, always locking your phone or your computer, turning on bank notifications for unusual behavior, and yes, even paying attention to your virtual trash.

Understanding HIPAA

Most aspects of your life aren’t particularly private anymore. The age of social media has done that to us. But, when it comes to protecting your medical records, that’s something that has to be taken a bit more seriously, and that’s why HIPAA is there to protect you. And if you’re in the medical or health industries and deal with patient information, HIPAA is there to make sure that you don’t put other people at risk during the course of business.

Knowing Password Best Practices

If you don’t have good passwords, you’re sunk if anyone gets the itch to hack your accounts. Or if you have multiple sites that use the same passwords (especially your social media accounts.) So, step A is to understand what password best practices are in the first place, and step B is to find a password manager that makes sense to you so you don’t have to try to remember all of them.

Lock Your Phones and Computers

It’s never been easier to make sure that your phone locks, and that your main computer has a password on it as well. It’s usually one simple flip of a switch or check of a box. Do it. Do it now. No one should be able to access your main gadgets except you, every single time you turn them off or stop using them, even for a few seconds. It’s just not worth the risk.

Turn On Bank Notifications

One great feature that is built into many banking systems these days is the automatic notification of strange banking activity. Too much money coming or going? A text message will get sent your way, and your accounts may be temporarily suspended. This is a fantastic safeguard against security issues.

Pay Attention To Garbage

Lots of stuff gets thrown away in your virtual world – sort of. Many times things that you think are deleted are in fact just in ‘trash’ bins, that still need to get emptied at some point. If people access these bins, they could get ahold of all sorts of information about you. So be sure to empty those virtual cans constantly!