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Introducing Remedy Pack: Your Comprehensive Solution for Swift Relief from Everyday Ailments

New York pharmacist, Ansu Pardasani, has set a new precedent by releasing the first complete medication kit, the Remedy Pack. Remedy Pack is the first expertly curated medication kit that relieves the symptoms of most common ailments. In addition, it is the first and only comprehensive medication kit available to get an FDA listing.

The Remedy Pack, a selection of OTC (over-the-counter) medications, aims to save people the inconvenience of looking for a pharmacy when faced with the agonizing symptoms of common ailments. The kit has a solution for emergencies like fever, headache, toothache, allergies, cuts, burns, indigestion, diarrhea, dehydration, colds and flu, etc.

Remedy Pack contains most OTC medicine recommendations on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) checklist required for a complete medical travel pack. These include antihistamines, diarrhea medications, medicine for pain and fever, motion sickness medicine, and antacids.

Since travelers to many overseas countries aren’t guaranteed to find quality items in categories like prescription medications, standard medical supplies, and OTC medicines, the CDC recommends that travelers pack smart. With the Remedy Pack, travelers to overseas countries won’t need to worry about finding their nearest pharmacy, the most suitable medication, or guessing pharmacy business hours and restrictions. 

However, Remedy Pack is not just for travelers but also the ideal medication kit for home, work, and college students.

The founder of Remedy Pack, Ansu Pardasani, Rph, PharmD, says, “Remedy Pack is setting a new precedent for treating daily ailments because there is nothing similar on the market,” says Ansu Pardasani, RPh., PharmD. “We created it to bring clarity and convenience for all consumers. Our mission is empowering the consumer with knowledge and transparency while offering them respite from their symptoms wherever they are.”

Compact and Convenient Medication Curation

Remedy Pack provides consumers with an OTC medication pack that surpasses any other first aid kits on the market that contain some ointments, gauzes, Band-Aids, and one pain relieving medication.

The range of common medications in Remedy Pack ensures instant relief without the sufferer having to locate a pharmacy and find the right OTC medication from the massive range of options. Pharmacy chains aim to make as many sales as possible. A visit to a pharmacy can prove very overwhelming for consumers when they are experiencing pain. They must negotiate countless aisles filled with other products until they can locate the OTC medication required for their symptoms.

Remedy pack evolves the pharmacy experience, ensuring everyone can have a medication pack handy for most daily mild medical emergencies. In addition, the packaging meets the CPSC guidelines, making it child-resistant.

The compact and clearly labeled Remedy Pack contains the 12 most frequently purchased OTC medications. Making it the ideal medication kit for anyone aged 12 years and up.  

Each medication in the Remedy Pack provides transparency and relief. Users can find the reference brochure within the Remedy Pack, with which drug they can use for their symptoms, in a compact and easy-to-find layout. The guide provides information like active ingredients, inactive ingredients, uses, directions, and contraindications. Since the kit contains generics, it gives the brand name equivalent.

The same information is available within each internal packet of medications, ensuring brand and active ingredients transparency. So even though most people won’t necessarily require all the medicines in the Remedy Pack, they know they can assist family and friends in any typical medical emergency.

Where applicable, expiration dates are found on each packet within the Remedy Pack, making it easy to check before taking the medication. Most medications in the kit have an expiration date of up to two years from the purchase date.

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About Remedy Pack

Ansu Pardasani is a New York City pharmacist who set out to evolve the pharmacy experience for people requiring immediate relief from common ailments. The Remedy Pack is based on its creator’s pharmaceutical knowledge, observations on the most commonly purchased OTC medications, and the CDC travel medication recommendations.

The compact and convenient Remedy Pack provides a unique presentation and complete transparency, making it the ideal solution for a comprehensive medication kit for travelers, the home, or work.

Remedy Pack is the first complete medication kit on the market and the first OTC medication pack listed with the FDA.

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