Invisalign vs. Braces

The question facing many teens and adults who are unhappy with their smile is which style of treatment should be used. The American Association of Orthodontics explains the two most common treatments used by orthodontists to straighten teeth are traditional braces and the relatively new technology of Invisalign. These two forms of treatment are constantly compared, but they are offered for different reasons and to aid in different forms of treatment to reach a similar result.

Why are they used?

This is the most important reason for choosing to use either traditional braces or Invisalign clear plastic trays. The use of traditional braces has been used with success for many years and is now generally recommended when a patient has problems with their bite and wants to have this corrected. Traditional braces can be used for correcting misaligned teeth, but in these cases, the less invasive treatment of Invisalign is now becoming the norm. Invisalign is not used to correct a bote issue but has proven a fast and successful treatment for a crooked smile.

How do they look?

When you visit your dental professional, you will want to be able to achieve your best smile with the use of the right treatment for you. If you are a teen or an adult, you will usually want to make sure your treatment causes as few problems as possible. One of the major considerations for your treatment will be how any treatment will affect your life. If orthodontic issues are affecting your confidence, you may want to consider Invisalign for the use of clear plastic trays that limit the number of issues you will feel when compared to traditional braces.

Many adults and teens feel self-conscious about the use of traditional braces because of the use of metal wires and bands to straighten the teeth over a period of months to years. Invisalign uses a different option with clear plastic trays that are almost invisible to the naked eye and can be removed to be brushed and cleaned during and after meals. The use of Invisalign often limits the problems associated with a lack of self-confidence because of the lack of noticeable wires attached to the teeth.

Visits the Orthodontist

One of the biggest differences between the traditional braces and Invisalign treatments is the amount of time you need to spend at the dental office. At the dentist’s office, the treatment options open to you will be discussed with the way each option impacts your life. Using traditional braces, you will have to attend appointments each month have the wires tightened to keep your treatment moving forward for a treatment window of up to two years. In contrast, Invisalign patients have to attend appointments every two months and change out their plastic liners every four to six weeks to further their treatment.

No matter which treatment you decide to use, we believe every patient should choose the plan that suits your needs and lifestyle the best. Working with our orthodontist will help you make the right choice and leave you with a more comfortable and straight smile. For more information, visit