Is the HCG Diet Right for You?

Dr. A. Simeons discovered the benefits of combining human chorionic gonadotropin, otherwise known as HCG, with a low calorie diet while studying endocrinological changes in the human body during various meal plans. The English endocrinologist has since improved on his findings to create an amazing new diet plan that uses injections of natural HCG with simple low calorie meals for painless weight loss.

Dr. Simeons is well know in Britain for his work with low caloric diet plans that do not leave the consumer feeling famished and weak. He is a strong advocate of toxic cleansing through the use of simple fruit and vegetable juices, and the maintenance of weight loss through a varied regimen of tubers, legumes, and spices such as galangal and tamarind. He has also recommended that those who are troubled with gastric problems from a low calorie, high fiber, diet, include low fat yogurt and turmeric smoothies in their daily diet to keep the stomach in order.

The apple day cleanse

Apples play a very important part in the HCG diet. This is on of the most crucial practices for people who are beginning this revolutionary new meal plan. The apple day cleanse works effectively to remove toxins and free radicals from the body at the beginning stages of the diet plan to help effect a more efficient and healthy drop in weight; keeping the muscle mass intact, for the most part, and concentrating on the loss of extraneous fluids instead. The cleanse calls for the person to go for 24 hours (or longer) without any solid food besides apples, with water when physical thirst is prominent. Most persons on this cleanse will consume up to six apples in the 24 hour period and will feel very little, if any, hunger or suffer from headaches or fatigue. That’s because of the pectin that apples naturally contain. Pectin relaxes the stomach muscles into thinking it is full, so the muscles do not contract to signal the brain that it is running on empty. Pectin also prevents headaches, nausea, and provides an extra boost of energy to the nervous system, keeping the person awake and alert. This is especially important for persons who have been frustrated by plateauing out on their weight loss — never seeming to be able to get past a certain amount of reduction no matter what they do.

Women should take care

Dr. Simeon advises women to avoid the apple day cleanse when they are experiencing menstruation, since weight plateauing, or even a slight weight gain, is normal during this period in a women’s health cycle. The doctor recommends that women should wait at least four days after their cycle is over before attempting the apple day cleanse.

What if there’s a slip?

When someone backslides for a day or two (this often happens around the winter Holidays) and/or misses an injection of HCG, they should consider doing an apple cleanse for 24 hours to put them back on schedule for weight loss. Rather than feeling guilty and giving up, the apple day cleanse is a great way to get back on track with a positive, proactive activity.