Is Your House Making You Sick?

Many people with allergies and sensitivities to dust and dander may find themselves feeling ill even when they are in their own homes. Home should be a place you can rest and relax while recovering from the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany these ailments. However, there are times where staying at home don’t seem to promote healing – in fact, sometimes it may seem to make those maladies worse!

Keeping a clean house can certainly help to reduce the allergens which may be lurking in your home. So let’s say your house is kept up fairly well, but you still find yourself suffering from the tell-tale signs of allergens being present. Sneezing, coughing, hay fever, runny nose and eyes, etc. certainly wouldn’t make one feel that being at home is making them feel as though they are on the way to recovery.

How to Remove Allergens

At this point, the question invariably becomes how to make your home a place where allergens aren’t thriving. The easy answer to this is to use cleaning microfiber cloths and waffle weave towels when cleaning your home. Microfiber cloths attract dust particles by using a unique pattern in their design which creates a positive charge. Dust particles are negatively charged so they are attracted to the positive charge of the towel when swept over. microfiber cloths can also be used to wipe down surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, or even your children’s’ toys.

Waffle weave towels have the same purpose as microfiber cloths, however, they are useful when drying items. These can even be used to dry mirrors and windows in your car to reduce streaking. They work well on wiping down fogged up mirrors or even patio doors which may have fingerprints or pesky nose prints from dogs who are begging to be let in or out.

These products can be used multiple times before being washed and then used again. Think of how much money can be saved by using a product which is much more reliable than paper towels and doesn’t need to be thrown away after one use. More and more households are looking for ways to save money and this is a perfect place to free up a chunk of your budget.

Wrapping up
Keep your family healthy at home by reducing allergens with the help of the correct tools. Going less on waste and a fuller wallet are all perfect reasons to give microfiber cloths a try. With so many companies focusing on “going green” now is the time to start making those changes in your own life.