Keep Your Liver Healthy with These 6 Foods

Keep Your Liver HealthyWant to lead a healthy life? You need to remain fit. And have a healthy diet. It should include foods that can keep all the organs of your body in good shape. When you are trying to be healthy, you also need to give special focus on the liver. It is essential to keep the liver in an excellent condition.

The liver performs some of the most important functions of the human body. It helps to:

  • detoxify the blood and remove harmful toxins and other substances from it
  • store iron and vitamins
  • produce bile, which is a digestive juice
  • convert stored glucose to use it
  • do away with the old blood cells

So, it is extremely important to keep the liver healthy. And you can depend on a number of foods to do that. For example, most of the vegetables and fruits are extremely healthy for your body. They help to enhance liver functions, thus keeping you in good shape.

Here’s a quick look at some of the foods that can come in handy to improve liver function.


Glutathione is a component that plays a major role in cleaning the liver. So, you need to find foods that contain this component. And grapefruit is an amazing example for the same. It also has antioxidants and Vitamin C in high proportions, which plays a major role in helping the liver produce detoxifying enzymes that cleanse the body.



It is important to keep the liver in such a condition that it secretes the enzymes in optimum levels. And one of the best foods that can help you do that is garlic. Just a small amount of this item can be good enough to help you get rid of the toxins from your body. Selenium and allicin, the two natural compounds that are present in high amounts in garlic, play a major role in cleansing the liver. Thus, they are helpful in keeping you healthy.



The proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” holds true when it comes to keeping you fit by improving your liver functions. This fruit is one of the best when it comes to keeping your health in good shape. It contains pectin in high amounts. Besides, apples have a chemical constitution, which is essential to cleanse the liver. They release the toxins from the body and keep it fit and running. Even apple skins can help to keep prevent fatty liver. So, you should include at least one apple in your everyday diet plan.

Almost all leafy vegetables are good for health, especially for your liver. Spinach surely is one of the most amazing of them all. You need to have it in your daily meal in the right amount. Then it can play a major role in helping you do away with the toxins present in the body. Spinach is high in plant chlorophylls, which absorb the environmental toxins from your blood. Besides, it can also neutralize heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, and so on. Spinach plays a major role in keeping the liver in a good condition and hence, if you want a healthy life, it is essential to have spinach in the right proportion every now and then.


#Olive Oil

You need oil to cook your food. It plays a deciding role in creating the great taste of your favorite food. But not all oils are great for your liver. Many of them cause the accumulation of fats there, thus resulting in diseases. However, using olive oil can help you to keep the liver in good shape. It provides a lipid base on the liver, which absorbs the toxic substances from the body, thus helping it to remain healthy.

Olive Oil


High amounts of Vitamin C is extremely helpful for your liver. So, it is important to use the food items, which contain such components. Among the best options that you can have are lemons and limes. Their high Vitamin C content can help in breaking down the toxic materials into water soluble components. So, you can have a lemon on a regular basis to get the best results.


If you want to lead a healthy life, it is important to ensure that your liver functions properly. Adding these foods to your daily diet can play an important role to help you keep the liver perfectly okay.