Sausages at Home

Five Tips to Making the Best Sausages at Home

Sausages go well with virtually anything, and they are fantastic on their own. Many of us are used to buying ready-made sausages. However, making sausage at home is not as difficult as it sounds. Generally, sausages are composed of ground meat, fats, salt, and flavorings.

Besides the ingredients, you also need to choose the right casing to enhance your sausage making and eating experience. While there are many ways to prepare sausages, so here are five valuable tips that can help you get the best results.

  1. Choose The Right Meat

When it comes to choosing the meat for your sausage, it is advisable to go for the shoulder of the animal. A good sausage meat should be about 30% fat if it is beef or pork. Chicken sausage should be about 20% fat. If you choose meat that is too lean, you may end up with a dry, crumbly sausage that falls apart when being sliced.

Making the Best Sausages

  1. Grind The Meat Yourself

While you have the option of buying pre-ground meat, it is better to grind your own meat if you can. You want to enjoy every part of the sausage making process. If you don’t like the idea of grinding your own meat because of the stress of dealing with bones, simply purchase boneless meat.

  1. Choose The Right Sausage Casing

Selecting a sausage casing is a critical step in the sausage-making process. There are many types of casings, and the type you choose will not only affect your sausage making experience but also the end results. You don’t want sausages that are tough on your teeth.

If you choose a low-quality casing, you may end up with a burst sausage. With other casings, it will take you ages to make your sausages. While natural casings are normally the best choice, you can also find a high-quality artificial sausage casing that delivers impressive results, especially casings made of collagen.

Making the Best Sausages at Home

  1. Get The Temperature Right

Once you have the right casings for your needs, it’s time to stuff in your sausage mix. It is imperative that the mix is at the appropriate temperature. Low-temperature results in better particle definition, so you don’t have to worry about smearing. Make it about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

You might be using a grinder with a special attachment to stuff in the sausage mix. In this case, you should consider chilling the mix first. This makes it easier for the grinder’s feed to push the mix into the casing.

  1. Don’t Forget To Season Your Sausage

Your sausage cannot be complete without a meat seasoning blend. You want your sausage to be rich in flavor and leave people licking their fingers.


With these tips, you are sure to make excellent sausages that leave people asking for more. You should start by getting the right meat and grinding it yourself. Then choose the best sausage casing, whether it’s natural or artificial casing. Lastly, stuff your mix at the right temperature, remembering to spice up your meat. Then just cook and enjoy!