Medical Issues A Tummy Tuck Can Help Mend

Tummy tucks are easily one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and there’s a very good reason for that – this procedure can effortlessly fix quite a few common physical issues, and these issues are not just those that have developed due to weight gain (as many might think). Tummy tucks (otherwise known as abdominoplasties) can also be used to fix a few medical issues and issues that develop as a result of childbirth. In this article we take a look at a few common things that tummy tucks can fix – you might even find something to relate to yourself!

Pregnancy-related issues tummy tucks can mend

An abdominoplasty in Sydney will typically involve a cosmetic surgeon removing excess skin and fat from a patient’s middle and lower abdomen and then tightening the abdominal muscles. This actually makes it much easier to fix a few medical issues, with perhaps the most prevalent of these being the abdominal sections of women after they give birth. The stress associated with birthing a child can cause significant damage to a woman’s body, and it is not uncommon for abdominal muscles to be torn completely apart. This condition is actually called diastasis recti, and despite many new mums suffering from it, it actually goes undiagnosed a lot of the time. If you’ve seen a new mum who has had their stomach pushed out, or have experienced it yourself, this is an example of diastasis recti. In these cases, tummy tucks work to repair and tighten the abdominal muscles to get mum’s tum back in working order. It’s also not uncommon to have some fat removed at the same time, so your belly can be a bit smaller as well! Giving birth can also result in back pain due to the core muscles being compromised, and the tummy tuck’s ability to mend key muscles in the core can contribute greatly to a much-improved back.

Healing skin irritation

Tummy tucks can also be very useful in mending physical issues, such as loose skin and accompanying skin irritation. Loose skin typically forms after significant weight loss – although skin is designed to shrink with the body, there are extreme cases where it has been stretched too much, and there is little that can be done about it apart from a tummy tuck. This is not only due to weight loss, however, and can occur with pregnancy due to the significant stretching of the skin that occurs around the belly. In addition to what some may perceive as unsightliness, there is also the potential for the hanging skin to cause irritation in the long-term. Excess skin often hangs down and can rub against the skin it touches, eventually leading to sweaty folds and rashes. Eventually, this can become a skin issue with the potential for infections, particularly if the area proves problematic to clean. 

Helping yourself by getting a tummy tuck

As you might have gathered, a tummy tuck isn’t just about looking good – there are quite a few reasons to get a tummy tuck to better help your own health. If these problems go untreated for too long there’s potential to exacerbate any physical issues, which is why acting sooner rather than later is the best cause of action. Get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon today to better learn how a tummy tuck can help you out!