Modern Health Trends Worth Considering

Certainly, eating right and exercising will always be key in helping your body function at its peak. That said, new discoveries are being made every day pertaining to human health, and the bodies we live in. For starters, consciousness itself isn’t physically dependent. Have you ever heard of disassociation?

Now there’s a lot of negativity concerned with what’s known as disassociation, and for good reason: often this is a negative psychological reality. Children facing abuse may disassociate in order to avoid the shocking impact of psychological pain. They pretend it’s happening to someone else. Even though they’re experiencing the pain directly, they can remove themselves from it.

Many mystics and shamans do the same through use of psychotropic drugs, and that’s not recommendable. Most of the literature on disassociation shows that it’s a bad thing which results from that which is unnatural. However, there does seem to be a positive silver lining to it, and if you’ve ever ran for an hour straight, you may understand.

On a treadmill, or running a previously determined distance, you’ve got to pull your conscious self from the pain your body feels as you push it. If you don’t do that, you can’t keep pushing past previous boundaries. This is disassociation. How do you do it? Well, you might listen to music, you might count your steps, concentrate on breathing, or let your mind wander. Now this isn’t a deep form of disassociation. However. It is a form of it, and modern breakthroughs in technology are beginning to quantify such new understanding.


Astonishing Modern Breakthroughs

Direct medical breakthroughs of modernity are astonishing—for example, BodyPro performs stem cell therapy, and this can be done in ways that aren’t morally ambiguous. Stem cells can actually be taken from the person receiving therapy. There are also umbilical cord stem cells which work wonders. The “bad kind” of stem cells taken from babies aren’t legal in america.

For those looking to augment themselves using this technology, there’s much to recommend the procedure. Modern technology has made breakthroughs in medicine which literally extend to the most integral building blocks making up human life. Quantum computing has just entered the mainstream, and you can expect an increasing merger of tech and biology.

Cybernetic organisms, or cyborgs, aren’t science fiction anymore. Have you ever met someone with a pacemaker? Well, there’s an individual who must have technological support to live. That individual is literally a cybernetic organism—a cyborg.

There are now breakthroughs in prosthetics which can restore limbs. Check out this audiologist in Santa Clarita for some surprising information pertaining to hearing assistance solutions. As technology and medicine continue to develop, it’s not without the realm of possibility that the very near future will see microscopic technology providing health solutions.


Nanotechnology And Keeping Informed

Have you heard of nanotech? This is microscopic tech in action: little machines at the cellular level which can be controlled by their designers remotely. As yet such technology isn’t mainstream, but quantum computing just made the leap, and you can expect the medical facility of the future to look nothing like the facility of today.

Keeping up with medical breakthroughs can help you maintain health and youth better and longer than has been recorded in modern history. Still, there is always that which is experimental, and that which is foisted on the public before it has been vetted properly by medical authorities; so you’ve got to be careful.


That being said, it makes a lot of sense to follow the breakthroughs in medicine, and see what’s available. Conditions that were untreatable before can be handled with little issue today owing to these discoveries, and that’s something to celebrate.