Natural Male Enhancement Supplements: What You Need to Know

Men have been trying to improve their love lives since the first guy reached down and noticed he had a set of balls. According to most studies, a majority of males don’t appreciate the package they were given at birth, nor do they like the way it behaves when they’re in the sack. As a result, the global marketplace has been inundated with various performance boosters and the average guy feels too skeptical to test drive any of them. It doesn’t help that the first few options were dangerous and ineffective. Fortunately for us, however, things have changed in some pretty big and intense ways. I’m speaking, of course, about the invention of high-quality herbal male enhancement supplements – you know, magic beans for your misbehaving stalk. 

I recently had a chance to try out one of these new-fangled products for myself and the results surprised me despite my cynical preparations and forthright denial of what was obviously happening to my body. As someone who has had a lot of bad luck with things like this, I was not going to let my hopes get the best of me again. Instead, I learned how to separate the herd like an expert and I feel like all men should know how I do it too. I’ve come to realize that some of these supplements, although only fortified with organic substances, can still provide a swift kick to the libido without causing any serious side effects. That’s the last time I doubt Mother Nature, I’ll tell you that much. 

How They Work 

Based on my best understanding, herbal male enhancement supplements work by promoting optimal functionality throughout the entire human body, usually with a concentration on the anatomical mechanisms that generate libido, sexual stamina, arousal and orgasm intensity. Some pills and capsules are marketed for penile enlargement, but that’s not scientifically possible so try not to get fooled. However, increased blood flow and optimized reproductive functionality can, if combined with a healthy lifestyle, boost a man’s penile girth and promote better cellular division (especially if he combines it with a good penis extender or pump). 

Meanwhile, a penis pump may not even be necessary if you select the right MEP recipe. Typically, their potent formulations are diligently combined by reproductive health specialists who have a scholarly grasp on how chemicals react to a person’s hormone levels and sexuality. These days, the riffraff has already been pulled from the shelves or ridiculed into hiding. When recommended dosages are taken as instructed by the manufacturer, herb-based MEPs have the unique power to boost blood flow, support happier moods, reduce performance anxieties and help with things like erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation. 

The Most Common Ingredients in Herbal Male Enhancement Supplements 

You’ll find a bunch of different ingredients out there and they’ll come in a wide variety of mixtures as well. It’s a well-known fact, however, that certain herbs work better with others. Some brands have tapped into that while others still experiment with unique formulations in an effort to find something that works and doesn’t already have a patent. Don’t blow your load just yet, brothers. Here are the ingredients you’ll want to look for if you don’t like getting ripped off (or hurt): 

  • Damiana 

This famous herb has countless practical applications, having been used frequently by native tribes as well as legitimate medical practitioners for things like bladder control, chest pain and even witchcraft. Otherwise known as tunerdiffusa in Latin, damiana helps cells absorb oxygen and enhances nerve reception in the genital region, thereby making it a prime aphrodisiac that’s cost-effective and easy to find. 

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract 

ELE, or horny goat weed as some people call it, is yet another herbal compound that offers virtually instantaneous effects on the human body, even when ingested in small doses. It’s packed full of antioxidants that promote sexual longevity and shorter recovery times, plus it has been shown to increase testosterone levels naturally while also intensifying orgasms and making arousal a more relaxed experience. 

  • Asian Red Ginseng 

Asian Red Ginseng has been used for so long that a lot of folks forgot about just how powerful and practical it is. Well-documented for its use in Chinese medicine, this herb produces a warm, tingling sensation all over the body when it’s ingested in appropriate amounts. The sex-positive side effects are due to drastically opened blood vessels (especially in the groin region) and improved sexual potency as a result. 

  • Hawthorn Berry 

As an herb that’s commonly used to support a person’s overall reproductive health, it’s no wonder why hawthorn berry is so frequently used in herbal male enhancement supplements. This stuff can also boost cardiovascular health, lower bad cholesterol, and promote better use of vital calories. Added together, those side effects can lead to a very powerful sexual experience, especially if they’re combined with other body-safe herbs. 

  • Saw Palmetto 

Saw palmetto is native to North America but used all over the world because of how it directly affects a human being’s hormone levels, most notably the ones associated with sex and arousal. The chemical components of this natural herb are said to increase testosterone production and sexual endurance just by default, although scientists still aren’t sure how any of it works. 

  • Ginko Biloba 

This herbal root is still prized today, fetching a high price on markets all over the world. It’s used for all kinds of things but when it’s mixed into a MEP its primary responsibility is to improve the functionality of nerve endings, promote better blood flow, and act as a potent antioxidant that supports improved endurance and more substantial erections. 


Used in more than just your favorite MEP, Bioperine is slipped into almost every dietary supplement known to man because of its ability to help the body absorb more of the ingredients in the pill. Various amounts of this natural (albeit not herbal) substance are used in modern-day MEPs. And while adverse side effects are rare, it’s still important to talk to your doctor before taking anything with Bioperine because it might affect the way your other medications work. 

Final Considerations 

I learned this the hard way but try to remember that the ingredient lists are bound to vary widely from one herbal male enhancement supplement to another. Therefore, it’s important that you use due diligence when picking something out for the first time. Check labels and read real consumer reviews as often as you can to ensure maximum potency and optimal quality. Mind you, only products that are 100% natural and herbal can promise minimal significant side effects (aside from the desired ones, of course).