Not All Pharmacies Are The Same

When we talk about pharmacies, we think of heading over to the Walmart to drop off a prescription. Others may go to an online pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, or a community pharmacy to obtain their needed medicines. What is often overlooked is the compounding pharmacy! Compounding was the first type of pharmacy and has been a little bit ignored. In the past few years, these fantastic resources are making a comeback in communities around the country. If you have been curious about these types of pharmacies, read on to learn more about them and what they can do for you.

You Are Not Limited By Form

Compounding pharmacies, such as CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy, have the capability to change the form of how you have to take a medicine. Other pharmacies carry one type of each medicine and you are limited to that one form. People struggling with pills will find that they can get a powder, liquid, cream, or an ointment. Aside from making it easier for you to take the medicines in a different form, other forms can minimize or eliminate some side effects that come with the medication. Topical creams and ointments are well-known for being the best option to take meds because oral medication hits your digestive tract before entering the bloodstream. Not all medicines are available as a topical and the pharmacist will let you know.

Specific Dosage

Ever have that prescription that requires you to cut a pill in half or even into thirds? You know that you don’t always get it perfect and end up taking not enough one time and too much the next. This could have an effect on your treatment process and physical response to it.  Not with a compounding pharmacy! They can give you the right dosage and take the guesswork out of it. They also take into consideration your height, weight, and condition to customize it for you as an individual. This is another way to minimize side effects as well. The pills you receive at a regular pharmacy don’t customize to you and is made for the masses.

Make It Easy For The Little Ones

Giving young children medicine can be just as dangerous as wrestling with an alligator. If you have that child who runs and hides for medicine, clamps their jaws shut and requiring the use of a crowbar, or screams the entire time, you should talk to the pharmacist at the compounding pharmacy. They can provide some powder that you can sneak into certain types of food that will get them medicated. Or a powder for “shakes” so that the child thinks they are getting a special treat and you know they are taking medication. You can always come back to other methods when they are older and able to handle the regime.

Get Your Pets Involved

There are meds for pets that can be expensive and mass marketed to the weight of the dog. A number of compounding pharmacies will work with a vet to create the medicine your dog needs that is based on weight and breed. When it comes to pets, sometimes some herbal concoction is an easier start to medicating pets before trying a traditional medicine. And just like the kids, any oral medicine can come in powder form to sneak into the food.

Before you go to your usual pharmacy, we invite you to check out your local compounding pharmacy and ask about your prescriptions. It’s quite possible you can save money while also enjoying personal service that is meant for no one else but you.