Office Health: 7 Ways To Enhance Your Working Environment and Stay Healthy

Whether you spend your days in an office or you work from home, we all spend far too much time at work to allow that environment to become toxic.

A 2012 study showed the average office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes every day sitting down. Sitting on your bum for long periods of time can lead to serious health issues and 4 out of 5 people have some kind of sedentary element to their job.

What can you do to stay healthy in the office, then?

We’ll give you a snapshot today of 7 key areas that you can focus on to improve your working environment and overall health.

1) Take Regular Breaks From The Screen

If you continue to stare at your computer screen, you’re likely to develop eyestrain. This can cause headaches as well as impair your vision in the long haul.

You should have your screen roughly arm’s length away, and you should be able to read everything clearly without squinting.

Make sure you step away from the screen every 20 minutes or so to give your eyes a break.

2) Use Lunchtime To Eat Well and Exercise

You can capitalize on a lunchtime for the double-win.

When you’re on the 3 week Pink diet or any similar eating plan, combining sensible eating with exercise is the key to successful weight loss.

Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced lunch rather than snacking on some fast food.

Keep portion sizes in check, so you don’t end up slumped back in your chair having consumed far too many calories.

You should aim for 10,000 steps a day so why not use lunchtime to get some brisk walking in? Come back into the office fueled up and recharged for the afternoon.

3) Swap Your Chair For a Standing Desk

If you work from home, you’ve got more freedom when it comes to choosing office furniture.

An increasing number of remote workers are harnessing the power of standing desks.

While standing can increase your productivity and is preferable than being slouched in a chair all day, it’s not good to remain standing constantly. The best set-ups are entirely height adjustable and allow you to pull up a chair when you feel like taking the load off.

4) Pay Attention To Snacking

Keep a close eye on how much you eat during your days at work. It’s all too easy to take a few hundred calories on board without really thinking about it.

Take precautions by getting in some fruit or healthy low-fat snacks so when you do feel puckish, you won’t go running for the chocolate bars.

5) Stay Properly Hydrated

You need to drink 2 liters of water a day just to keep properly hydrated so take advantage of the time at work to gradually consume 6 to 8 glasses over the course of the day. It helps to have a reusable water bottle on your desk to remind you!

That’s less than a glass an hour so you should be able to take care of this without too much problem.

By taking enough water on board, this will also help you with the next way to stay healthy at work.

6) Watch The Caffeine Intake

Don’t overdo it on the coffee front.

If you arrive at work with no breakfast and inadequate sleep, it’s all too easy to rely on coffee for a shot of energy but keep that caffeine intake in check.

Since coffee has such a long half-life in your system, you should stop drinking it just after lunchtime, or you risk the caffeine interfering with your sleep.

Try to limit yourself to a handful of cups of tea or coffee spread out over the morning.

7) Use a Headset If You Spend Lots of Time On at The Phone

Posture is everything and if you tend to spend large chunks of time on the phone, cradling it between your ear and shoulder is a surefire route to aches and pains.

If any significant portion of your day is spent on the phone, a decent headset is a must.