carbon and pharmaceuticals
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What Does Activated Carbon Do for Pharmaceuticals?

Activated carbon possesses an impressive porous characteristic that attracts and retains organic chemicals, a phenomenon arising from a process commencing with the combustion of a carbon-rich material without oxygen, yielding a carbon “char.” Following this, the “char” is subjected to either chemical or physical procedures, creating an interconnected matrix of “holes” or pores within the carbon framework. The considerable surface area engendered by this intricate arrangement of internal pores culminates in an expansive terrain adept at efficiently attracting and retaining organic chemicals.

Replacing Charcoal

The activated carbon we refer to is distinct from the type used for grilling, which might include various potentially harmful chemicals and components unsuitable for skin contact. The activated carbon we discuss is a powder derived from wood, bamboo, coal, or coconut shells that have undergone intense heating at elevated temperatures. In contrast, conventional charcoal is a mixture encompassing coal, peat, wood pulp, petroleum, and coconut shells. The term “activated” in activated charcoal signifies its exposure to high temperatures, which triggers its activation. This activation involves subjecting the charcoal to exceedingly high temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in an oxygen-deprived chamber. Through this treatment, activated charcoal achieves a profoundly porous structure, and an astonishingly vast surface area comparable to the expanse of a football field encapsulated within a single teaspoon.

Examples of Use Cases in Pharmaceuticals

Activated carbon finds extensive utilization in the purification processes of manufacturing an array of industrial liquid chemicals and pharmaceutical compounds. Common scenarios encompass refining amino acids, biodiesel, glycerine, mineral acids, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Another significant application involves solvent retrieval, crucially employed in the chemical and petrochemical sectors and within printing and ink/dye production setups. Within the petrochemical realm, activated carbon also serves in the purification of amines and glycols and the elimination of impurities from gas scrubber systems.

Pharmaceutical products of exceptional purity get incorporated as components within an extensive array of personal care items, from soaps to toothpaste. Furthermore, these products play a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical production sphere, refining raw materials and final products, including applications in the purification of injection or imaging solutions and vitamins. Other examples include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pain killers
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Steroids
  • Contrast media in medical imaging
  • Intravenous solutions
  • Pharma Acids
  • CBD oil extracts for therapeutic use

Related Industries

Employing activated carbon to treat wastewater to eliminate lingering organic components before releasing them into national surface water systems proves worthwhile. To address trace contaminants, incoming process water is routinely subjected to activated carbon treatment. Moreover, various meticulously engineered activated carbons with tailored porous configurations to meet sectors’ specific needs, such as fine chemical production, food manufacturing, and air and water purification, exist. These ultra-pure variants elevate the efficiency of purification phases, mitigating the potential jeopardy of contaminating final products.

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