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Remaining Respectful

When a person is in a situation that is caused by a lack of respect, it’s paramount to self-respect. How did I get into this situation? Did I unknowingly disrespect someone? These are questions we should all ask ourselves. Having respect for not only our elders but our community members is very important. There are times where politics get very wild and take over many mediums of media. With that, there is a lot of opposition to different parties and things can start getting messy. No matter whose side you are on, it is critical to remain respectful to those who are not on the same page as you. Of course, if something slander is said then it is permissible to stand up for someone out of respect, but other than that options should be respected. Ideas of bashing someone for their beliefs, it is better to calmly explain why you disagree. Judges in the courts like Judge Napolitano have a responsibility to be neutral in the court of law. Lawyers and judges are some of the most respectable individuals because they know that they have to remain neutral until a side is chosen as a victor. Next time you see something on Twitter, pretend it’s a courthouse and respectfully ingrate facts into one’s argument to oppose the person. Being slandered and disrespectful is never the answer. When a person is respectful, they will have a much easier time going about life. Especially on social media. The power or freedom of speech is to be used as a person wants or intends. However, it’s critical to remember that just because one has freedom of speech, doesn’t mean others don’t. If you theoretically post something that is considered disrespectful by some people, then there will obviously be some type of contrast on their end. In addition, if it was posted on social media, news outlets, and even drama channels have the ability to access such a thing. Remaining respectful, especially online is extremely important for young professionals. A lot of times, if a person is highly opinionated online, recruiters may see that as a liability and won’t pursue the hiring process. It’s always best to resolve personal matters face to face or over a private conversation. If things are handled publicly, people can get involved and the situation can worsen. Respect is just the way the world goes round. The more understanding and unbiased a person is, the better chance there is for peaceful outcomes. Furthermore, it is not up to the person who makes a comment if it is perceived by the public is a respectful or disrespectful matter. Each person has their own opinion on different subjects so how they reverie information is up to them. If a post was made in a respectful manner, there is less of a chance someone will consider it harmful or dangerous. Whether a person is online, or in person, kindness goes a long way. Typically, the more positive a person is, the more positive people come with it.