Rock Those Jeans! 5 Cosmetic Butt Enhancement Procedures to Consider

Did you know there are more ways than one to get the butt you want?

Summer is quickly approaching and you’re probably already thinking about your summer body. It can take months worth of work to get your body into shape, ready for those gorgeous bikinis you’ve picked out.

However, butt enhancement doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think it is. Here are a few ways to get the butt of your dreams.

1. Butt Fillers

We’re used to seeing people getting fillers as part of a beauty maintenance regime. What we’re not used to seeing in butt injections. As part of the newest beauty craze, people are getting fillers in their butts to achieve a perkier, plumper look.

So, whether you’re trying to fill in your jeans for your casual summer wear or you want a killer butt on the beach, fillers are certainly an option for you. The biggest advantage of fillers is that they naturally fade over time, so your body continues to look as natural as possible.

2. Butt Enhancement 

Have you heard of a Brazilian butt lift? Well, you’re about to. This new trend is taking the world by storm. It’s a simple way to give a patient buttock implants. So, what does it involve? A small amount of fat tissue is taken from somewhere else in the body.

This is usually in areas like the stomach, love handles or thighs, which are areas that are difficult to keep looking good. The fat is injected into the butt, giving it a plumper look. This method is far less invasive than traditional butt implants. 

3. Traditional Butt Lift

A traditional butt lift can often be the most complicated way to create butt enhancement, but the results speak for themselves. An incision is usually made on the butt or waist where skin and fat are removed.

The skin is lifted and tightened, creating a smoother area that often looks more youthful. This is an excellent option for older women who may have sagging skin or anyone who has recently lost a significant amount of weight.

4. Butt Augmentation

Unlike a Brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation could potentially have a long recovery and complications in the future. This type of procedure requires buttock implants, usually made of silicon.

Whereas Brazilian butt lifts use the body’s own fat, butt augmentation uses a foreign body. Therefore, there’s more likelihood that the implants will eventually be rejected by the body or shift around, causing the need for further surgeries. However, implants do have the ability to create a perfectly designed butt for any patient.

5. Liposuction

Liposuction is a very common procedure, performed on many different parts of the body. If all you’re looking for is some fat removal for an all-around healthier and slimmer look, liposuction could be the ideal choice for you. 

Get the Butt You Dream Of 

It’s never been safer or easier to get the butt you want. If you haven’t got time to do a million squats or eat like a rabbit until summer vacation, butt enhancement could be the answer you’re looking for.

And once get the butt you dream of, consider a breast augmentation. Check out this article for everything you want to know about breast augmentation but are too afraid to ask.