Signs a Loved One Needs Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery

It all started simply enough. A friend or a loved one injured themselves or developed a medical condition, and so they were given a prescription medication by a doctor. At first, they took the medication as prescribed, but eventually, its addictive properties took over. Now, they are hooked on prescription drugs and might even buy them illegally, maybe online or even off the streets.

As a concerned presence in their lives, you can’t help but be upset. Taking prescription medications compulsively and against doctor’s orders can be risky in many ways. Getting caught buying illegal drugs can lead to a lengthy jail sentence. In the case of illegally purchased drugs, sometimes the medication in the bottle is laced with something else.

Prescription drug abuse treatment centers can make a real difference in a situation like this. If you have a friend or loved one that’s under the spell of prescription medication, it’s time everyone stopped fooling themselves. Here are some indicators that they need prescription drug addiction recovery.

  1. They’ve Lost Their Job (or Are Very Close to Doing So)

A job is a person’s livelihood, and without it, they have no way to pay the bills and keep a roof over their head. Yet when an addict is in the throes of their prescription drug habit, they may struggle to pay attention to basic, everyday tasks, and they may stop going to work. If they do make it in, they’re spaced-out and non-productive. They could be getting the pink slip sooner than later, which makes it hard to pay for their drug habit. Prescription drug abuse treatment centers can prevent this fate.

  1. They Seem Sick All the Time

Addiction to opioids can lead to symptoms like skin infections, fever, vomiting and nausea, watery eyes, dry mouth, and confusion. It’s no wonder the loved one seems sick! These are just the signs of overusing these drugs, not even the symptoms of withdrawal. This is why prescription drug addiction treatment should be implemented early on before the addict permanently damages their health.

  1. Their Mood Has Changed

Mood changes are another common symptom of regular prescription drug abuse. Long-term use of these medications can cause nervousness, paranoia, hyperactivity, delusions, anxiety, and memory loss. These are all signs the drug is taking over.

  1. Their Personality Changes for the Worse

While before this person was as nice as can be, today they are downright mean and maybe even violent. Why is this? Prescription medication, as mentioned above, can change a person. As it triggers confusion and other mental maladies, a person’s entire personality can shift. With prescription drug addiction treatment and behavioral modification therapy, it’s possible to get this loved one or friend back to their old selves again.

  1. They Look Much Worse

Addiction to prescription medications may cause addicts to shed some extra pounds, making them thinner and sometimes even sickly-looking. In other cases, they may gain a lot of weight in a short period. Depending on how severe the problem is, personal grooming may fall to the wayside. It hurts to see them looking like this, and you’re thinking of bringing up prescription drug addiction treatment because something has to change.

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