Simple ways to organise your personal health commitments

Simple Ways to Organise Your Personal Health Commitments

Keeping on top of your personal health is tricky at the best of times, but of course that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Luckily. We’ve written down a fw ideas for you here to help you keep on top of your personal health and make it into a functional part of your life with the maximum benefit to you.

  1. Preparing ahead of time

It’s one thing to tell yourself that you are going to commit to a certain fitness schedule, but it means nothing if you don’t prepare to commit to it ahead of time. If you have scheduled a run at 7am before you head off for work, it will make it a lot easier if you lay out your sport clothes the night before and prepare yourself a quick and easy breakfast to eat as soon as you get back. Making these little preparations will make it a lot easier for you to stick to your fitness regimen as it will make things run more smoothly.

  1. Effective scheduling

When we look at fitness influencers online or talk to personal trainers, it is easy to come away inspired to start planning a fitness schedule that involves multiple workouts a day, involving early morning and late night commitments. However, for the majority of us these kinds of schedules just don’t work. It’s important to make sure you create a tailored fitness schedule which works specifically for you and your life, rather than an idealised notion of what the best fitness schedule looks like.

  1. Ease

It’s an effective habit making or breaking strategy to make something either 20 seconds easier or harder to do, depending on whether you want to make or break the habit. So when it comes to encouraging yourself to grow a fitness habit, making it 20 seconds easier can make all the difference. This can be done by simple tricks such as having your tennis bag ready and packed the night before so you can just grab it and go, or having your trainers right by the door so you don’t have to go upstairs to get them

  1. A buddy system

Though self discipline is a vital tool for success, that doesn’t mean there aren’t days where it is really difficult to stay motivated. Those days are exactly why having a buddy system is such a good idea – because on the days when you don’t feel like going, it’s much harder to bail if someone else is waiting for you too. We are much more likely to let ourselves down than other people! This is a beneficial system for your buddy too, and can even be a friendship bonding experience.

  1. Self-accountability 

It’s one thing to have a workout plan in your head and goals visualised in your mind, but quite another to ensure that you keep yourself to them. Everyone is different when it comes to personal discipline, but one often effective way to maintain personal accountability is to ensure you write down your progress. For example, you may want to begin keeping a running diary so you can see your miles adding up, or note down how much more weight you can lift each week.

Keeping your life organised enough to ensure you have time to look after yourself and your health is difficult, but not impossible. Hopefully, a few of the suggestions on this list will help you get on top of your personal health!