Skywater Revive Review

skywater-reviveA recent survey of North American adults found that over 95 percent of them regularly use some kind of stimulant drink to start their day and to keep up their energy and concentration levels during the day.

80 percent said they regularly use either coffee or tea to start their mornings, and then drink at least 2 more cups of it during the normal work day. As a sidebar to that statistic, Starbucks recently released statistics that indicate they serve enough coffee each year to give every man, woman, and child in the United States at least 2 servings of coffee a day.

35 percent responded that they drink caffeinated, carbonated, sweetened drinks for energy — such as Coke or Dr. Pepper. And this excludes children.

Another 30 percent say they regularly use commercial energy drinks like Red Bull to provide them with energy and focus during the business day.

A mere 5 percent responded that they do not use any kind of drink to heighten energy or concentration, choosing to eschew any and all caffeinated, chemicalized, sweetened, and carbonated beverages.

The Journal of Health Statistics calls the use of energy drinks “A national epidemic of poor dietary choices.” It goes on to say that the side effects of heavy use of carbonated, caffeinated, and sweetened energy drinks include insomnia, low blood sugar troughs in the blood stream, dyspepsia, nervous displacement of energy, a predisposition to adult onset diabetes, weight gain, addiction, and dehydration. The journal is recommending that commercial energy drinks should be restricted and controlled the same way as tobacco and alcohol products.

That is why Dr. Joseph Stone, a noted medical authority on diet and metabolism, decided to formulate an energy drink that avoided all sweeteners, synthetic chemicals, caffeine, and carbonation. He calls his beverage SkyWater.

“Working with patients who became heavily dependent on commercial energy drinks to get through their work day began to worry me” says Dr. Stone. “I saw that a healthy alternative was needed to wean the public from their unhealthy choices. So I began research into natural and organic substances that would provide a mild yet continuous stimulation to brain and body.”

The result is SkyWater Revive. Its combination of natural vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and herbal extracts provides a welcome relief from the heavy and synthetic energy drinks that have bedeviled the public up until now.

SkyWater Revive contains no calories, no caffeine, is not carbonated, and its nutrients are easily assimilated by the body to go to work instantly once it is ingested. It helps the body stay hydrated throughout the day — and studies prove that a well-hydrated body contributes to the focus of the intellect when faced with difficult and demanding mental situations. There are literally no side effects from its use.

Skywater Revive is currently available for ordering through its website at

If you find yourself dreading the afternoon ‘slump’ at work; if it is becoming harder and harder to follow your regular exercise routine because you feel you don’t have the stamina to keep going; if you are faced with a particularly challenging school project or test; or if you just need a safe and convenient pick-me-up to brighten your day and bring it to a successful end — then you should make a trial of SkyWater Revive. Try it for two weeks to see how much better you feel and function at the end of the trial period!