Sleep diet for weight loss during the holidays

Sleep is associated with many myths. Sleep is important as we spend a considerable time of life sleeping. Also, it relates to how the body manages its health.  People spend sums of money on getting into shape but many often ignore the easiest way to maintain the waistline is to have the right amount of sleep.
How much sleep is necessary every day?

  • Sleeping for long hours:

People who sleep more than eight to nine hours on a regular basis are prone to multiple health conditions. One of them is obesity. Sleep reduces the physical activity which is essential for the body; as a result it tends to put on weight.

  • Sleeping less than six hours:

People who sleep less than six hours also tend to put extra calories as well. For instance, on a lazy afternoon at the workplace, people tend to sip a cup of coffee or a packet of chips. This extra intake leads to calorie build-up. A person who is deprived of regular sleep is usually low on energy levels. The brain commands more food intake in that scenario.

  • Ideal amount of sleep:

The amount of time a person should sleep varies with the individual’s health and activity level. In general, a person should sleep for seven hours on an average every day to keep fit. People who follow this regime tend to be healthier than their counterparts.

  • The Sleep Diet

Losing weight needs both proper planning and execution. It is easy to put on weight owing to today’s lifestyle and it is equally difficult to shed those extra pounds. Varieties of treatments are available to people who want to lose weight. People who follow them rigorously have shown positive results. However many have also complained about regaining the weight after getting off the diet.

A Sleep Diet out of all other diets seems to be one of the easiest to follow. Although the effect of sleep on weight loss is still under research, studies reveal that it can lead to reducing the risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes along with other disorders.

While we sleep, the hormone melatonin increases the presence of beige fat. It helps in burning energy while a person is asleep. This is a rather surprising find that a type fat helps in burning energy rather than storing it and converting it into fats. It is found near the collar bone of a person. It is also known to be an important element of the biological clock of every person.
The Biological Clock

During an experiment, it was found that the rats which were fed melatonin supplements showed high levels of beige fat presence. Their bodies had become resistant to thermogenic changes such as digestion of food, physical exertion through exercise and generation of heat in cold surroundings and sleeping. These processes raise metabolism that burns excess energy in a person.  Low levels of melatonin have also been linked to risk of developing type 2 Diabetes.

As of now we can stick to the bottom line of having a sound sleep of six to eight hours and the diet plans if we are following any. Drugs such as Xenical may be taken for weight loss, if prescribed by a licensed physician.

Whether taking supplements of melatonin to lose weight is still under study. While the results seem promising, there is a lot to be explored.