Sweet Tooth? 5 Healthy Dessert Options You Won’t Feel Guilty About

When you have a sweet tooth, dieting can feel like complete torture. However, many are surprised to learn that there is actually a way to satisfy your sweet tooth while at the same time eating healthy. The following is a list of some amazing desserts that are good for you, so you won’t feel guilty about satisfying your sweets cravings.



Popsicles are a great way to curb a sweet tooth while at the same time eating healthy. The great thing about popsicles is that they can either be purchased from the store, or they can be made at home. If you purchase them at the store, be sure to check the sugar content before buying. Sticking with popsicles, like Edy’s Outshine bars, that rely on natural ingredients will keep your diet on track. Many people will simply take fresh juices and fresh fruit, blend these together, stick them in a plastic cup, put a popsicle stick in the middle of it, and put them in the freezer. Now, you have the delicious treat that will provide you vitamins and minerals, and is chocked full of stress-relieving and disease-fighting antioxidants. How is that for a guilt-free dessert?



Frozen Yogurt

It’s true, ice cream is delicious, but it is also often loaded with calories and fat. Why not choose frozen yogurt instead next time you crave ice cream? You will still have the frozen, creamy texture you love with a lot fewer calories and sugar. Many yogurts also help improve your digestive system and strengthen your immune system, thanks to the probiotics found in yogurt. That



Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is, well, angelic. It is extremely delicious and can be accompanied by a wide range of fresh fruit. Angel food cake is extremely low in calories, and since it is a light and fluffy cake, you will not feel weighed down after eating it. An average slice of angel food cake is only going to have about 150 cal or less.



Fruit Crumble

Another great option is making yourself a fruit crumble. This can be a simple as choosing your favorite berries and mixing them with a healthy granola. When selecting granola to use, make sure you choose a brand that doesn’t use lots of sugar and oils in their product. If you head to the whole foods section, you can often find a good option made with light honey, whole grain oats, etc. You can also find plenty of recipes to make your own granola. The oats provide a great source of fiber to aid with healthy digestion and the berries are great for mental health, diabetes control, heart health, and even cancer prevention.




Frozen Chocolate Bananas

The name basically says it all. Take a banana and cut into bite-size chunks. Then take dark chocolate and melt it down until it has a smooth consistency. Dip the bananas in the chocolate, and then sprinkle them with coconut shavings or chopped nuts. Stick them in the freezer for a few hours, and then enjoy a delicious dessert that is full of potassium and fiber. Dark chocolate has many health benefits from getting plenty of antioxidants to improving mental health. Likewise, bananas can improve your cardiovascular health, help reduce heart disease, provide you with vitamin B6, vitamin C, help you keep strong bones, and definitely put an end to that sweet tooth.



Having a sweet tooth does not mean that you are doomed to a life of eating food that is bad for you. There are many healthy options available that will curb your sweet tooth without adding excess calories to your diet. Try these 5 options and some of the many others available.