Spinal Fusion Surgery: The Risks And Procedures

Spinal fusion surgery might be the only thing that you can do to get your back problems to go away.  There are times when you have problems with the cartilage in your spine, and you might have issues with disks and other things that you could have had problems with.  You have to ask a doctor to clear you for this surgery, and you need to understand what the risks are when you go through this procedure.

  1.  What Happens?

Anterior lumbar fusion in Orange County is done in a way that helps you remove pain from your daily life.  The fusion surgery will prevent the pain of the slipped discs or missing. discs that will make it literally impossible for you to walk.  You can have this surgery done in a safe place, and you will be cared for after the procedure is over. However, you must speak to the doctor first so that they can clear you.

  1.  The Preparation

You must go through a preparation of your body at the office the day of the surgery, and your doctor will talk to you once more about what they will do during the surgery.  They will show you what can be done to help you get through the surgery, and they will explain what your supporters should do when they come to the office. You are given all the recovery procedures that are needed, and you are put into surgery at the appointed time.

  1.  Recovery

You are going to recover mostly at home, but you will start in the hospital until your doctor is ready to send you home.  The idea is for you to go to physical therapy and get more mobile over time. Your doctor knows how to check your spine to see if the surgery has succeeded, and they will show you how to handle your pain and other issues.  They will make certain to handle all the dressings on your back, and they will explain how you can have a smoother and faster recovery.

  1.  Risks

The risks of the surgery include paralysis because you are having work done near your spinal cord.  You could have a long recovery, and you might run into issues that include a lot of pain after the surgery.  Some people need a lot of physical therapy so that they can learn how to walk again, or they might learn how to walk without all the pain that they once had.  Your doctor must watch over you carefully, but you could have a lot of side effects from this surgery before you are completely healed.

The spinal fusion surgery that you have done is one of the best ways for you to handle all that horrible back pain you have had to deal with.  You must get ready to handle your back pain by going to the doctor for a consultation, and they will show you how they can give you the best possible results for a life of pain-free movement.